Raise Your Hand

March 1, 2010

What’s it all about, Alfie? Nothing like a good blizzard to get the weekend started right.

No sweat.

Even though the temperature may be low, let’s talk today about keeping your cool. Especially under your arms. Used to be if regular anti-perspirant wasn’t cutting it, you had to head to the doctor and get a prescription for something stronger. But a couple of years ago it became available over the counter, in the form of Certain Dri.

I save it for the height of summer when I really need to not sweat at all, because the stuff really works, to the point of being a little freaky. Where is all the sweat going? You put it on at night, before you go to sleep, and there’s no need to reapply in the morning. (In fact they say it still works 84 hours after applying, but I haven’t personally tested that out.) It’s great for when you’re wearing silk or some other fabric that really can’t tolerate any moisture. Or, if you are someone who sweats profusely, it will keep it under control (at least under your arms). Ladies, do not use it right after shaving (it will burn like crazy), but if you shower and shave in the am, since you’ll apply this at night, it won’t be a problem.

Aluminum Chloride seems to be the secret ingredient. You only need a little bit, so the bottle will last you a while, especially if you only use it once in a while. (I’m still on the same bottle over a year later.) Available at most drugstores or online at drugstore.com. Runs about $6.50 for 1.2 ounces.

So Loving

The new Barneys catalog came and I am digging this Thakoon Bleeding Floral Print dress. Neiman Marcus is carrying it too. The colors, the cut — perfect for spring. But, given that I am not Michelle Obama (a big Thakoon fan), I think $1,635 is a bit much for a little frock to take the subway in. But maybe someone, somewhere will do a lower priced version for all of us non-First Ladies…

I keep getting all of the new spring catalogs and the clothes are completely incongruous with the freezing weather –I feel like I can’t even process the looks until the temperature goes up another ten degrees.

By George There’s a Shrimp on the Barbie

For all of the Family Favs fans in Australia, George Michael is now touring there — he’ll be in Melbourne March 3rd, so catch him Down Under! It’s a fun night with a great performer. Just this morning one of our friends was commenting that he sometimes listens to a George Michael CD I gave him, and that he’s always amazed how talented he is. Freedom!


Little Addison is now in a full-on cast, she broke her foot. It’s sad but my hope is that it will heal well and quickly. She’s unfazed by it, really. There are dinosaurs on the cast, so she likes to show it to everyone.

We had a nice weekend seeing lots of friends and the kids had some fun playmates. I love a good Sunday where you can just hang out and enjoy the day.

Hope you had a good one — eye of the tiger for the week ahead!!


End of Week Mash-Up

July 24, 2009

M.O. in Thakoon (not the dress I wore today!)

M.O. in Thakoon (not the dress I wore today!)

I wore a Thakoon dress today — I felt very Michelle Obama-esque (she wears his stuff a lot). It’s so funny because it’s a very cool tie-dyeish print, and this is the second time I wore it and inevitably people stop me to discuss the dress. In fact the first time I wore it, a woman on the bus wanted to photograph it. (This became even funnier when I realized the woman owns this West Village children’s clothing store that I like — Dig Og Mig — where I have bought the kids a bunch of stuff.) Anyway I don’t really have much more to say on this except that sometimes it’s fun to wear an interesting print just to hear what people have to say!

We had dinner at Mesa Grill tonight — very good, as always, and the restaurant week menu featured tasty options and generous portions. Our waitress made sure to tell us that Bobby Flay himself had crafted the menu! We had jerk chicken taquitos with fry bread to start, then I had blue corn-encrusted red snapper and Ken had a stuffed chile rellano. For dessert there was a chocolate cherry layer cake and peach cheesecake. You still have another week to try and go!

If you miss restaurant week, or if you’re not in NYC, it’s worth it to hunt around on the internet or your local paper to see what specials restaurants are offering. The recession has really hurt eating establishments hard, so many of them offer great specials, especially during the week or on Sunday nights, to entice people to come. I just saw that Les Halles offers 50% off all bottles of wine on Monday nights, and Bar Artisanal in Tribeca offers a three course lunch for $21 all summer. And if you sign up as a fan of different restaurants on Facebook, you’ll be alerted to different specials. In smaller towns, the local paper often has 2 for 1 coupons for different establishments. I look at it as mutually beneficial: it’s a great deal for you, and you’re giving them needed business.

Single of the Week

Can it be Thursday already? Oh yes it is…here’s Ken:

You may find this hard to believe, but as an undergraduate at Cornell,  I had considerable exposure to two things that would shape my life: Jews and the Canadian rock group Rush. After graduation, I decided to convert and join the one group, and had I continued with the alto saxophone, I’m pretty sure I could have been a part of the other. This week’s single is a mash-up that brings the two influences back together again. On a sad side note, the Beasties will be postponing their new album and some tour dates because band member Adam Yauch will be receiving treatment for a tumor in his salivary gland. So let’s raise a brass monkey and hope for a successful treatment.


I hope the Beasties are okay — I just saw Jay-Z is taking over some of their dates on the festival circuit.

Apparently Nordstrom Rack is coming to Union Square, where the Virgin Megastore used to be. I guess that’s a good thing. I find those stores a very hit or miss kind of experience. Mostly miss. Or else I find something and I feel like I could have gotten it cheaper on sale at the actual store. So we’ll see…

So happy the weekend is almost here! The weather is supposed to be iffy but we are going to visit some friends in Connecticut, so I’m sure we’ll have fun regardless.

Hope you have a good one — see you next week!