spinachlittlessmallI try really hard to make sure my kids get a protein, a vegetable, a grain and a fruit every lunch and dinner. My feeling is if I don’t teach them healthy eating habits now, it’s only going to be harder the older they get. The vegetable part is usually the toughest. After four years, Austin is partial to carrots and broccoli and requests which one he wants with his meal. Addison is a little more difficult, and it often means wrapping some sort of vegetable in cheese to get her to eat it. But I keep trying…

One thing I discovered in the frozen food aisle makes giving them spinach a little easier: Dr. Praeger’s Spinach Littles. They’re essentially spinach and potato in the shapes of dinosaurs and stars. You throw them into the toaster oven for about 10 minutes and you have a perfect side dish for whatever you’re serving. Both of my kids love them. They’re all natural and gluten free. The brand makes other things for kids — Broccoli Littles, Sweet Potato Littles — but we’ve only tested the spinach. I tried one and they are tasty — they make them in adult-sized portions as well (alas no shapes but a boring old circle for us). They’re simply called “Spinach Pancakes.” They’re all easy ways to add in some healthy variety. (A 12 ounce package sells for about $3.50. Check the frozen food section of your supermarket — I get ours at Whole Foods.)

Negative Energy Drink

I came across a word that could become a favorite (frankly I’m a little upset I didn’t come up with it): Haterade. As in Gatorade, but with a whole lotta negativity. New York mag’s Vulture used it like this when describing an article Newsday‘s John Anderson wrote about Julia Roberts: “While Anderson doesn’t entirely dismiss Roberts’s career or acting ability, he does spend an ample amount of time dousing Haterade on her work in the early nineties (“Painfully predictable” and “Painfully implausible” are how he describes Sleeping With the Enemy and The Pelican Brief, respectfully).” It’s so good! I did a little digging and apparently it came into the lexicon in 2006. We must band together and make it more widespread!

Comings and Goings

It’s sad when a store goes out of business, but when it’s somewhere you actually really like and frequent, it’s all the more painful. We are mourning the loss of Maroon’s, a friendly and delicious southern/Carribean restaurant that recently had to close up. We never had a bad meal, and it was kid-friendly, as well. The first time we took Austin there, I tentatively asked if they had a high chair (not a guarantee in NYC). The owner, Arlene, looked taken aback that I would think they wouldn’t have one. “This is a family restaurant!” she reminded me. And it really was. We’re sad to see it go.


Ken and I went out to Wallse the other night. Still very good, but not cheap. At 8pm it didn’t seem that crowded, but by 9pm it was almost full. So that was encouraging. We were looking around at all of the fresh flowers and wines and talking about how much money it takes to keep a higher end restaurant running in times like these. Not easy!

I’m happy Gossip Girl had a new episode last night…but it was just okay. They had a good line about mercury poisoning (poor Jeremy Piven, even GG is piling on), other than that it was eh. But I’ll still be watching!