My normal beauty routine for my hair consists of washing it, toweling it dry so it’s not dripping wet, and — well, there is no and, because I truly have a wash and wear cut. I don’t like when hair looks “done” — for me, the messier the better. But what you learn with a wash and wear style is that the cut is what makes it all possible. Go too long, and you just look like a mess, not fashionably messy. And right now, I need a haircut. I was a little in denial about it over the weekend and was trying to blame the shampoo at the hotel, but now that I’m back to my regular routine I can’t hide from the truth. Unfortunately, I have no time this week to even think about going to the salon.

080878029952_med1That’s when Pantene Pro V Style Texturize! Texture and Shine Defining Pomade comes in. I think I had a coupon when I originally decided to try it, and I was pleasantly surprised that it really does make a difference. I use it whenever I need a little more polish. It works on dry hair — you rub a little on all your fingertips and then you just run it through your hair lightly, fixing your hair as you go so it looks good to you. It works all day or all through an event (like a wedding), doesn’t have an annoying smell, and you really just need a little, which means one jar lasts a long time. Plus, the price is totally reasonable. Win, win all around! ( A 1.7 ounce jar is about $4.50. I buy it at Duane Reade, but you can get it in just about any drugstore or Target — wherever Pantene products are sold.)

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Get Dirty

My husband told Austin that he used to plant flowers in empty egg cartons, so of course Austin wanted to do it right away. I am now the proud owner of about 8 quarts of dirt. (Maybe I actually need a quarter of a quart. Ugh.) That’s the smallest bag Target or Lowe’s sold. I guess most people buying it don’t live in Manhattan and only need to fill an empty egg carton! Anyway, it is a fun little project to do with your kids — they get so excited when something actually grows and comes up. Besides flowers, you can grow herbs like basil or chives, and you can use them when you cook dinner — that will really impress them!


It is so windy here today. Really crazy — it literally blew me back while I was crossing the street! Everyone just wants spring to arrive and STAY. It’s supposed to be nice tomorrow — of course I’ll be on a train and inside for the whole day.

Just a reminder that if you don’t like something your elected officials are doing, they work for you. Call or write their office and let them know. I am fed up with the MTA and its decision to hike fares 30%, so I called my state senator’s office in Albany. You might think it doesn’t do anything, but you’ll feel better that you actually did something instead of just complaining, and if enough people call or write, it will spur them into some sort of action.

My lovely children passed on their fabulous coughs to me. It’s horrible! I woke up in the middle of the night with a coughing fit. Such a drag. I am all about vitamin C and Zicam.

Hope you’re all feeling well!