Out, Out Damned Spot!

March 25, 2009

I have written in the past about brand loyalty, and how I use many of the same products now that my mom used when I was growing up. Shout stain remover was one of those products. But I was visiting my sister and needed to wash some of my kids’ clothes, and I used OxiClean. 200-1It took the stains out, no problem. So I bought some the next time I was at Target. I hadn’t used it because I was finishing up the last of the Shout, but Saturday morning I went in to get Addison from her crib to find dried up throw up all over her, her crib sheet and bumpers. And apparently she had eaten blueberries for dessert the night before. Good morning! So we headed down to the laundry room and I told Ken it was a test for OxiClean — if it took the stains out, we would buy it again. If not, we’d go back to Shout. It took the stains out of her cute pajamas completely, and the mattress pad as well. The sheet still had a bit of a stain, but maybe you can’t expect miracles. This was a worst-case scenario…so I bought some more! I definitely recommend it for your stain-fighting needs. (OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover Spray runs about $6 for 21.5 ounces.) I also just noticed on their website that they have a new version for babies which is absent any fragrance, dyes, etc. I haven’t used it so I don’t know if the baby version is any match for spit up carrots, but I like that they’re giving Dreft a run for its money.

In Praise of…

grapefruitFrom time to time I’ll write about something that may seem obvious but its greatness is lurking just off the radar…today, it’s the grapefruit. A perfect little orb of juicy sweetness, packed with vitamin C, and cheapest in the winter when other fruit goes sky high. Uh huh — now you’re with me. Invest in a handy, curved grapefruit knife. Half of one is a great way to start the day — I have it before I head to the gym. It helps to wake me up and I’m happy that I’ve already got a serving of fruit inside of me. Plus, when my daughter stands before me, hand outstretched, calling “Piece! Piece!” I don’t feel bad giving her a wedge to enjoy. Thank you, Florida!


This morning I saw an ad for something really stupid: Disney Eggs. Does your kid really need an egg with a picture of Mickey freakin’ Mouse stamped on it? All you’re going to do is crack his head open — I’m thinking that would be a little more traumatic for the kid than having to eat a plain old unbranded white egg. Bad brand extension, Mouse House. Stick to the millions of others licensed products you’ve got in your arsenal. You be the judge:


Congratulations to David Letterman, my longtime crush, who went and got himself hitched to his baby momma Regina Lasko after dating her for 23 years. Don’t rush into anything! I’m sure your son Harry is happy.

My kids have coughs that will not rest. I just want them to get the mucus out — it’s coming out of their eyes now. Ew!

And finally, a big shout out to Michele in Connecticut who is going through a rough time right now, so let’s all send our good thoughts and positive energy Michele’s way.