Oh Stephen Colbert

March 20, 2009

images-1Stephen Colbert was on the Today show this morning promoting some new movie. The guy is a riot. Apparently he is pushing his followers to vote on the NASA website to name part of the space station after him, and he is ahead by about half a million votes. Meredith Viera was like, “You’re just kidding, right? If you win you don’t really want it named after you, right?” And he looked at her like she was crazy. “Why wouldn’t I?” “Well, it’s a little egomaniacal, isn’t it? ” Viera asked. Again, Colbert looked at her as if she was insane. “Have you seen my show?” Had me laughing out loud on the elliptical. Then, when Viera was doing one of her seamless transitions to commercial (not), she asked Colbert about Twitter. “Have you tweeted? she asked, trying to seem all down with the lingo. “I have twatted,” Colbert answered, deadpan. You could hear the crew cracking up as Viera turned red and they went to commercial. Hilarious. If you want to watch it instead of imagining it from my brilliant retelling, click here to see the interview from the Today show website. The part I’m referring to comes up just after 4:15. But they cut the “twatted” ending online. Go figure. If you want to see that, here you go:

El Single de la Semana

Here’s Ken:

“Neko Case has been in and out of bands like Her Boyfriends and The New Pornographers, outside of and around the mainstream musical spotlight, yet consistently in the center of the alt-country scene. She dabbles in folk, hymns, melancholy melodies and a touch of twang, all smoothed out by her voice. A voice that tells it like it is, albeit with a dose of pathos. This Tornado Loves You, from her latest album Middle Cyclone, spins her graceful singing and songwriting around the themes of nature and destruction found throughout the album. If Rome were burning, she’d be your siren. (Come to think of it, Rome kinda’ is burning. Crap.)”

And Finally…
Had a fun dinner with Bret and Randall at Buddakan — always good to hang out with old friends (and I mean “old” in the best sense of the word), even if they do tease me about preferring nice hotels…
Oh, the weekend is almost here! Love that…we haven’t been making a lot of plans because my sister is about to give birth, so our weekends are blissfully open wide.
And I spoke too soon…Addison’s fever is back. (Sigh.)
Have a good one!