Pucker Up Naturally

April 8, 2009

When it comes to beauty products, some companies are finally starting to get the message and eliminating the nasty ingredients that should never have been in there to begin with. I’ve talked a lot about parabens, which have been found in breast tumors, but here are eleven other ingredients which comprise what some have termed “the dirty dozen” and which we should all be on the lookout for: DEA, MEA and TEA (preservatives), FD&C and D&C colors (including coal tar), Ethoxylated ingredients (which are carcinogenic and ground water contaminates), Fragrances (these are synthetic petroleum bi-products), Hydroquinone (this is actually banned in the EU), Mercury (also known as thimerosal), Mineral Oil, Phthalates (linked to breast cancer), Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Ureas (which release formaldehyde). Delicious!

I applaud Sephora for stocking more “naturals” and allowing people options to choose from to switch over — if not everything, at least a few things. That’s my own personal goal — little by little, I am finding organic or natural products I like and substituting them for other ones that aren’t so good for me or the environment. p172734_heroOne lipstick I recently found that I like is from Cargo — their PlantLove line. The colors are nice and not too heavy, and they actually last. The packaging’s cute — the plastic is made from corn and is completely biodegradable, and the box has seeds in it so you can soak it and plant it.  (Note: the picture doesn’t really do justice to the colors available — they’re more muted and wearable.) The line is 100% natural — no parabens and phthalates, no synthetic fragrances or dyes. The only mildly annoying thing is that they have some of the colors named after celebrity’s children…but I guess I can look past that! ($20 for a tube and available at Sephora.)

I read somewhere that 60% of what you put on the outside of  your body — lotions, cosmetics, etc. — gets absorbed into your body. So something tells me we should be a little choosy.


Proud Mama alert: our daughter Addison is in a TV commercial for the March of Dimes (she was a preemie). They were running the spot on the eight-story NASDAQ screen in Times Square yesterday so I had Ken go at night with the camera to document it for posterity.

Hello Times Square!

Hello Times Square!

She is so funny — we tried to explain it to her, but at 21 months she is blissfully oblivious to her stardom. But it is very cute.

Hope you’re enjoying the week — if you observe Passover, eat all the bread you can because come Wednesday night, low carbs for everyone!


Naturally Beautiful

March 23, 2009

beautyexclusive_2044_24118377As much as I can, I try to avoid beauty products that are loaded up with questionable ingredients. Parabens are big ones — it’s so nasty to think that they would load up a body wash, for example, with stuff that may cause cancer, for no apparent reason. The parabens don’t do anything substantial, and once they go down the drain, they’re leeching into the water supply. Nice. But there are more and more options out there for products that work well and do well by you and the environment. Korres is a line from Greece that I discovered several years ago on a trip to London. The fab department store Harvey Nichols was one of the first fancy shops to open a whole organic cosmetics section, and I’m always up for trying something new. Every time I went across the pond, I’d load up a shopping bag and bring back all kinds of potions and lotions you couldn’t buy in the States. (This was before the liquid restrictions in carry-ons.) Usually once the line started to be carried here, I was over it and on to the next thing. (Lush, anyone?) But I still use Korres, even though it’s pretty widely available here. I’m partial to their shower gels, which come in offbeat yet non-cloying scents. Right now our shower is sporting the fig. The basil and lemon is another favorite. And boys, this recommendation is for you too as the scents truly are unisex. (And as much as you think your au natural, whatever soap happens to be in the shower scent is sexy, let’s be honest, you could use a little help.) They have a store down in SoHo which carries their whole line (it’s at 110 Wooster — they do cosmetics, too, which I haven’t tried), or you can buy it at Sephora, among other places. The shower gels run about $13.

Sleep Tight and Don’t Let ‘Em Bite

I have been freaked out since learning that bed bugs can jump from one person to another. Meaning that you could be sitting next to someone on, say, the subway, and if they have bed bugs, they go from them to you and then if you happen to lie down on your bed…ewww! It’s funny because way before I even knew bed bugs were actually a real thing to worry about, I always had this rule that I never wore the same pajamas after I had stayed in a hotel until they had been washed.Turns out I was on to something. You have to be careful with your kids too — we always make them take off the clothes they were playing around outside in all day before they climb up and roll around on any of our beds. It’s such a gross thing to have to worry about it, but better safe than sorry, I always say. And any way even if there’s no bed bugs, it’s just cleaner.

Weekend Wrap-Up

My sister and her husband welcomed a new baby boy on Friday night. We’re glad he arrived safe and sound and now is home in his new digs. Congrats to them!

It was nice here this weekend but frankly, I was hoping for it to be a little warmer. There’s still a little chill in the air. I wanted that whiff of spring…I guess it’s something to look forward to.

Speaking of something to look forward to, I am in the process of booking our May vacation. I get depressed if I don’t have some sort of trip on the horizon. I’m thinking a sit on the beach and do nothing place would be great. Did someone say Caribbean?

Hope you all had a good one and the re-entry into the week isn’t too painful!