hospitalHey you! Yes, you. You know who you are — the kind of person who goes through life taking everything as it comes and dealing with things on an as-needed basis. You’re busy! So unless it’s absolutely crucial for the moment, you’ll deal with it later, thanks.

I’m down with that. But there’s one thing you really should take the time and plan for. If anything, God forbid, happened to you and you had to go to the hospital, who would be your mouthpiece? Who would be your advocate? No one likes to plan for what ifs, especially if they’re bad scenarios, but after having gone through an emergency c-section and this recent bout at the ER with Addison, it has driven home the need for every one of us to have someone they can call on if they need to. Now, kids have parents, so if you’re a parent, you know that’s part of your job description. And if you’re married, chances are your spouse will take that role on. Just make sure you’re clear on each other’s wishes. For everyone else, now is the time to find someone. Tell them. Talk it through. Do you have a close friend? A close family member? (And by “close” I mean in sentiment and proximity.) Because if there were an emergency, that’s not the time to start thinking about who can come and help you.

And you definitely need someone to be with you in the hospital. Even the good institutions are understaffed and overtaxed. If your needs are as basic as a glass of water, good luck getting it. If your troubles are much more acute, unless there is someone to shout about it, you may not get attention right away. Between paperwork and questions — always the same questions from about 5 different people — if you’re not feeling well, these are the last things you want to be dealing with.

So think about the people in your world. Ask the right person. Be there for someone else who needs you. And rest easy knowing you’re covered, if anything were to happen. (Insert sigh of relief here.) Now you can go back to your regularly scheduled mayhem.

What’s Your Favorite Snack?

I want to hear from you! Send in your favorite snack food, be it healthy or not. (For instance, I really like the cheese crackers from Trader Joe’s.) I’ll compile a list of favorites and we can all try them out. So snack and send!!


Perhaps I should be celebrating that the state legislature finally got its act together and put together a plan that will only raise most mass transit fares 10%, but I can’t help but feel like this deal just puts off the inevitable hole they’re going to be in once again since there’s no money for capital spending. I don’t understand why some state senators are so against putting tolls on the remaining bridges and tunnels that don’t have them — NJ tolls are $8 but they can’t even have a $2 fee? Very strange. Well, at least my monthly pass is only going up to $89 and not $103…for the moment.


So AMC says it will premiere season three of Mad Men in August. August?! I can’t wait til August! I was hoping for the end of June — even July. August means it’s going to go into the fall and I wanted it to be my summer TV treat…oh well, I’ll still be watching!!

Just when Gossip Girl has a great line (the born again psycho Georgina returns to her evil ways and says, “Tell Jesus the bitch is back.”) they have to go and do a stupid flashback episode next week, to the mother character as a teenager in the 80s. Unless there’s a cameo by Wham, I don’t think we need to go there.

Addison continues to get better, although she is on so many medications…I am hopeful as she starts to come off some of them she will remain ok. Austin reads her books while she gets her nebulizer treatments, which is very cute. Thank you to all of you who emailed and called with your well wishes.

RIP Dom DeLuise…

Until tomorrow!


I am NOT a happy camper right now as I painstakingly wrote one of my better posts (if I do say so myself), saved it, watched two 30 Rocks that were on my DVR, came back to post it AND IT WAS GONE. Damn you, WordPress! I emailed their tech support but no one is getting back to me. I really want to go to bed but I will try to recreate the post…

Just one of many, many Topshop looks

Just one of many, many Topshop looks

Today is the day! For those of you who crave fashion at reasonable prices, you no longer have to head across the pond to find your fav Topshop pieces — it’s now available in SoHo as Topshop has opened their US flagship store. While I still feel that Topshop on Oxford Street in London is the best, I’m excited that I can hoof it or take the subway to find all of the treasures Topshop has to offer.

Some of you may be scratching your head — what is this Topshop, you ask? Well, it’s a British chain that offers fashionable goods at a fraction of designer prices. Kate Moss does a line for them. In addition to clothes they have shoes, jewelry, lingerie, trinkets — really anything cool. To be honest, I have mixed feelings about them being here. Because now everyone will have access to the same stuff, which potentially makes it…uncool. But the truth is, they sell through merchandise so fast that if someone sees something on someone they like, by the time they go there it’s gone. It’s not a place I go for whole outfits (it definitely offers more to the younger crowd, if you know what I’m sayin’), but you go with the mindset of finding a few key pieces. I have a fab striped sweater in offbeat colors with dolman sleeves that everyone thinks is Marc Jacobs, and a black and silver charm bracelet that adds drama to every outfit.

If you can’t make it to the store, is offering free shipping til April 9th. Happy hunting! (Topshop in SoHo is on Broome and Broadway.)

Single of the Week

Take it away Ken:

“At the nexus where new wave synth meets fuzzy guitar pop meets Blondie meets Garbage sits Metric and their new single, “Gimme Sympathy.” The great hooks and fetching lead singer alone are reasons enough to put aside Turbo Tax, mute CNBC, wake the kids and crank it up.”

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Current Events

Why do rich people feel the need to give each other gifts — does the Queen really need an ipod?

Michelle Obama looks well put together, and I’m glad the world has given the Obamas a warm welcome, but is her fashion really that great to cause all of this frenzy? (I said this to Ken last night and he responded, “Well, after Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and Barbara Bush…” I agreed he had a point!) But I mean, couldn’t any of us have gone in our closets to pull out the white top, black skirt, black cardigan combo she wore to meet royalty? All I know is J. Crew should give her free clothes for life with all of the publicity she’s giving them.

It’s hard to believe but apparently just yesterday they identified the remains of a worker from Windows on the World who died on September 11th. I still remember that crazy, tragic day so clearly. I hope this gives his family some small comfort.

Albany better get its act together and figure out a bailout for the MTA that doesn’t rest the burden of their financial screw-up solely on the backs of mass transit riders. It’s ridiculous.

All right, I think that about covers it. I really liked the way this post was written the first time I wrote it, but I guess this will have to do. Oh, technology.

Enjoy the weekend!

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March 27, 2009

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Single of the Week

If it’s Thursday, that means I have to give Ken the floor:

“If you took a lot of bits and pieces from your early nineties college radio station, you’d get The Pains of Being Pure at Heart — fun, driving melodies, disaffected lyrics and slapdash production quality. Remember those days, when you were ransacking your parents’ savings instead of having AIG and Citigroup ransack yours? Real cool, Citigroup. Real cool.”

And Finally…

Everyone in NYC (everyone who takes mass transit, anyway) is up in arms over the MTA’s vote yesterday to raise fares 25 – 30 percent on most lines, including the subway. No one understands why if the Agency is so mismanaged, they don’t clean house and get people in there who know what they’re doing. And, why aren’t the state’s elected officials figuring out a plan to help ease the burden on every single taxpayer who commutes? I was so enraged I actually called my state senator’s office in Albany today. Big surprise, no one called me back.

We are excited to meet the new bambino this weekend, so we are roadtrippin’ to my sister’s in Pennsylvania.

Austin said to me this morning, “After today we can all be together, right?” It’s so cute that that’s what he thinks of when he thinks of the weekend. I said, “Yes!” and told him all of the fun things we will do together.

Hope you can get out this weekend and do something together with your friends and family, too!

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