Ready for my Close Up

July 22, 2009

Lots to choose from; stick with Neutral

Lots to choose from; stick with Neutral

A  couple of months back I was working on a shoot with Robin, the lovely makeup artist from The Rachael Ray Show. We were chatting about different products and I mentioned that for the first time I felt like my concealer was sinking into the tiny lines beneath my eyes. “Primer!” she blurted, and picked up a bottle of Make Up For Ever’s HD Microperfecting Primer. She explained you put a little bit on after your moisturizer or eye cream and before you apply any makeup. She then told me how MAC and others have primers, but she is partial to Make Up For Ever, which is handmade in France, they use all great ingredients, and many more reasons which I forget but she was VERY high on their products. Since any advice I have gotten directly from makeup artists has always been great (years ago one in London told me white powder in the inside corner of your eyes OR white liner inside of your lash line erases the effects of a hangover…genius!) I headed over to the Make Up For Ever store on 12th Street. They pointed me in the right direction (Neutral) and didn’t try to push anything else that was unnecessary. Though I’m not on camera, life is in HD, so I am ready! It’s lightweight, oil free and I’ve been using it for almost 2 months and I definitely see a difference: no more feathering and creasing. One squirt takes care of my eyes and the rest of my face, and it gives my skin another defense against free radicals. A little goes a long way, so at $32 for 1.01 ounces, I’ll get at least six months out of the bottle. (The Make Up For Ever store is at 8 East 12th Street in NYC. Also sold at Sephora.)

Rain = Opportunity

Everyone’s down on the rain, but I sometimes like a rainy day to force me to stay home and get a project done that’s been on my radar for a while. Cleaning out a closet, organizing a photo album, writing thank you notes, going shopping for new pillows — whatever it is, use a rainy day as an excuse to chill out and get it done. Then when the sun returns, you can get back outside, guilt-free.

Rumor Patrol

I heard three rumors recently (well, probably many more but I’ll only put three here): Le Caprice, one of my fav restaurants from London, is coming to NYC in the Pierre Hotel. This I can actually confirm. Wildly expensive — especially when the pound was super strong — the food is fantastic. (Note to them: it’s a recession, price accordingly.) We always liked it because it had a clubby feel, hopefully they’ll continue that here.

And the space on 6th Avenue and 22nd Street, that for years was a Barnes and Noble, is reportedly going to be a new Trader Joe’s.  I heard this from the guy who cuts my hair and the only thing I can find about it is that the Trader Joe’s people were in fact talking to the leasing agent of that space last October. I really hope it’s true! The lines at the one on 14th Street are a dealbreaker for me. Have you tried their Vodka pasta sauce? For a jarred sauce, it’s very good. I like to add cubed eggplant to it and serve with penne.

And finally, apparently Susan Boyle (you know, the never-been-kissed Britain’s Got Talent lady) did a top-secret high fashion photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar and is being considered for the September cover. Hopefully she won’t have another breakdown if it happens…


Today was free pastry morning at Starbucks, if you bought a drink. So I went over to get some reduced fat coffee cake and a tall skinny latte. I don’t normally buy baked goods there, and I realized today that their baked goods options stink! Everything is at least 300 calories, meaning that if you eat a scone and a coffee drink, you are over 600 calories and you could have had a whole meal! So I think their promotion backfired on me…

We switched Addison from whole milk to skim milk for her second birthday, and now she told me she doesn’t like milk. “Tastes bad, mom.” Maybe I should have eased her into it with 2%!

Just want to say thanks to all of my readers! I’m so glad you enjoy the blog and your feedback keeps me going with it.

Hope your week is going well…