fruitabutwirlsNothing sparks fear in a working mom’s heart like hearing that it’s your turn to provide a healthy snack for your child’s whole hungry class. That was actually the first time I felt any sort of divide between working and non-working moms. Who do you think sent in the beautifully cut fruit skewers or the fresh baked banana muffins? Not me! So I’m constantly on a quest to find healthy, easy, kid-approved snacks to send in. One thing I’ve found that has been a big hit is FruitaBu. Better than a fruit roll up (it doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup — why that’s allowed in things that are marketed as healthy is a mystery to me), FruitaBu is essentially organic smooshed fruit, a la fruit leather. There’s no sugar added. It comes in different shapes and forms — we like the fruit flats. And It comes in all sorts of flavors — strawberry and grape are favorites in our house. Pair it with a nice crackery type treat (today I sent it in with some mini-cheddar rice cakes) and you’ve got a delicious snack any mom would be proud of. So you no longer have to hide from the snack sign up sheet. Because we all notice who never signs up, don’t we?! And whether or not you’re a working mom, it makes a great snack at home. (I buy FruitaBu at Target but I’ve seen it in many grocery stores. It runs about $4 for a box of 8 packets.)


As I predicted last week, apparently Stephen Colbert did in fact win NASA’s poll to pick the name of the new room at the international space station. Silly astrophysicists that they are, they allowed write-ins in addition to the 4 names they came up with. “Colbert” beat “Serenity” by 40,000 votes. Well, now NASA is backtracking and saying they will make the ultimate decision, and they have to “think” about it. To which Colbert retorted, “You space guys think too much.” Oh, when faux pundits and national space programs collide…


I was lucky enough to be invited over to the home and studio of Betty Woodman last night, one of if not the foremost ceramic artists of our time. (Funny enough, she lives a block from us.) She invited a small group over to show us some of her recent pieces and to talk about her philosophy and background.

Now that's a vase!

Now that's a vase!

Lo and behold, it was a high school teacher who inspired her to go into ceramics, once again proving how important teachers can be in a person’s life. She gave us sneak peeks of what she is currently working on, including a piece for the new American embassy in Beijing, and several large painting/ceramic mixed media pieces that have been commissioned by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I was jealous when she told us about her other studio on a farm outside of Florence, Italy! It was so interesting to hear what’s inspiring her lately (she loves the Bonnard exhibit that’s currently at the Met) and to see all of the objects she keeps around her in her studio. And she was very understanding when I had to leave a little early to put my kids to bed! A very inspiring way to spend an evening.

Hope you made it through Wednesday (don’t they call it hump day?) intact. Take care!