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March 27, 2009

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Single of the Week

If it’s Thursday, that means I have to give Ken the floor:

“If you took a lot of bits and pieces from your early nineties college radio station, you’d get The Pains of Being Pure at Heart — fun, driving melodies, disaffected lyrics and slapdash production quality. Remember those days, when you were ransacking your parents’ savings instead of having AIG and Citigroup ransack yours? Real cool, Citigroup. Real cool.”

And Finally…

Everyone in NYC (everyone who takes mass transit, anyway) is up in arms over the MTA’s vote yesterday to raise fares 25 – 30 percent on most lines, including the subway. No one understands why if the Agency is so mismanaged, they don’t clean house and get people in there who know what they’re doing. And, why aren’t the state’s elected officials figuring out a plan to help ease the burden on every single taxpayer who commutes? I was so enraged I actually called my state senator’s office in Albany today. Big surprise, no one called me back.

We are excited to meet the new bambino this weekend, so we are roadtrippin’ to my sister’s in Pennsylvania.

Austin said to me this morning, “After today we can all be together, right?” It’s so cute that that’s what he thinks of when he thinks of the weekend. I said, “Yes!” and told him all of the fun things we will do together.

Hope you can get out this weekend and do something together with your friends and family, too!

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