Guilt-free Laundry

July 27, 2009


Did you get ripped off with Dreft? I did! Everyone assured me I had to plunk down the extra money for Dreft when I had Austin. And then when I was in the thick of it, because Austin did actually have skin issues as a baby, I was scared into continually buying it. But then I got smart. All Free Clear is cheaper, and does the trick — there are no dyes or fragrance, i.e. nothing to irritate baby’s skin. Once I started using it for the kids, I realized how much synthetic fragrance was in our Tide Mountain Spring. Being brand loyal, I was slow to make the switch, but we did about a year ago, and I’m happy to report our clothes seem just as clean. Yes, there’s no “fresh scent,” but after a while you realize that freshness was created in a lab somewhere.

I also switched fabric softener dryer sheets. I find the sheets really do keep things soft and static free, so I didn’t want to stop using them. We like Bounce, and I noticed they offer Bounce Free, so you can continue the no dye, no fragrance mantra all the way through to the dryer.

“But I’m not sensitive,” you say? Oh but you might be! Skin changes over the years, so what might not have bothered you before may be irritating down the road. (Kind of like how allergies can haunt you at any time.) I figure why not beat my skin to the punch and remove any irritants proactively. Plus, it’s cheaper than Tide, too! (Available at Target, Amazon, or wherever detergent is sold.)

Batali Gets a B

On Friday Ken and I went for a late lunch to Del Posto, Mario Batali’s shot at fine, fine Italian dining. Ken never wants to go there because he thinks it’s going to be a rip off, but for restaurant week we decided to try it. Let me preface this by saying that we LOVE Mario’s other restaurants. Babbo would definitely be in my top 5, and Otto is fantastic with the kids. And granted this was the restaurant week menu and the servers aren’t exactly rolling out the red carpet for the restaurant week schlubs (like us), but I thought it was okay, nothing more. The space is very grand, the food was good, but I wasn’t blown away. (The only thing that blew Ken away was the price of the iced tea I ordered: $6!) A nice touch was the complimentary white peach bellini they served to start. And the bread was tasty. Everything else was fine. So I give it a B, and I’ll go back to Babbo.


We went to head out for dinner tonight and we happened to venture downstairs in the middle of a monsoon, so we headed back up to order in. Addison was upset because she wanted to try out her new Paul Frank umbrella she got today. It was crazy lightening — I saw it hit the Chrysler Building from our window.

We were up in Connecticut for the weekend, visiting a friend of mine from college and her family. The kids had a great time — we tagged along to a birthday party that was space-themed, so they got to decorate their own spaceship cookies, make a rocket, take a swing at a space shuttle pinata and then take home a spaceship sippy cup. How fun! The best part is Ken and I felt a little funny going because our friends were invited, not us (but the hosts insisted they bring us), but our kids walked in like they owned the place. The poor birthday boy had gotten stung by a bee, so his right eye was completely swollen shut. Ouch!

It was good to hang out. West Hartford has a cute downtown and the houses are older and nice. We love the city but it seemed like a very nice neighborhood. And we always enjoy the backyard barbecue!

Hope you had a good one!