The idea behind this is simple: these are things that are piquing my interest at the moment, things that I think are worth the money to purchase, things that might make life a little better or more fun. Who am I? I’m a working mom of two kids (usually adorable), a wife who tries to put some sort of dinner on the table most nights, a friend who attempts to maintain close relationships even though time is not always on our side, a sister, a daughter, a woman who likes nice things but loves a bargain too…in other words, I’m probably a lot like you!

At the end of the day this represents my opinion only, so I’d love to make this interactive and get feedback, ideas and suggestions from all of you. It will be a constant work in progress; but that’s part of the fun…And yes, it probably is a tad NYC-centric – so sue me!

Approximate prices and where to purchase are included where possible. Also, I try to keep it a reasonable length, so if there are specific things that you’d like me to cover, let me know.



One Response to “The Back Story”

  1. Brilliance, grace, style=you

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