Believe the Hype

April 1, 2014

color-wow-root-cover-upWell, the sun was out for a little bit today, teasing us. One day spring will really have sprang, and when that happens, your hair will look fantastic with what I have discovered: Color Wow Root Cover-Up.

If, like me, you can’t get to the salon often enough and your roots start to show and then keep on showing, this is the stuff for you. My hair grows pretty quickly, and I have dark brown hair, so any grays feel like they stick way out. (Yes, I realize it is probably most pronounced to me, looking in the mirror under harsh lighting in the bathroom at work, but…) I just can’t get commit to getting to my hair guy any sooner. Not to mention the expense.

So I had seen different products over the last few years, specifically for root touch up. Long-time readers of this blog will know that I am a tough critic, and if something doesn’t work as promised, I am all over them. There was a Clairol one that I bought and then was afraid to use. It somehow looked…sketchy. (Seriously, this may still be in my closet.) Then I was not lured into buying anything until I went to the Rita Hazan salon for a mani-pedi and decided to try her spray-on root touch up. She does Beyonce’s hair, so I decided to trust her. It did get me out of a jam — we were getting a family portrait taken and needed a touch up, so I sprayed a little on some grays up front and it covered it for the photo. The problem I have with it is the spray colors your scalp a bit too, so it just feels fake to me. Not to mention that it you happen to rub your head, some comes off. Not the greatest.

Then I saw this Color Wow Root Cover-Up on TV — one of the morning shows where they were demonstrating it. And I read about it in some magazine. And then Space NK, who really edits their collection of beauty products down, started selling it. I asked the woman in there if it really worked and she said, “Yes, absolutely.” So I bit!

Lo and behold, this stuff actually works, with minimal effort. My only beef is that it only works on completely dry hair. But essentially when your hair is dry, you take it out (it’s like a compact), and use the brush to brush the color on any gray roots. It’s like blush for your hair. And then, within minutes, your gray is gone. Fur reals. It looks natural and it stays in until you wash your hair, at which time it all comes out and you’re back where you started.

It comes in a bunch of different colors to match your shade. Sephora, Ulta and Space NK (who also has stores in Bloomingdale’s) all carry it. It sometimes sells out but check another store if that happens. It’s about $35 and it lasts awhile.


Even though the temps are still chilly, it is nice having it lighter in the evenings. Makes me feel like I still have some time to live a little even when I get home from work on the later side. Baseball season starts this weekend for my son, and of course the MLB season just kicked off, so I guess spring is actually, finally here. Let’s hope Mother Nature agrees. Hope all is well with you!


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