Embrace the New!

March 9, 2014

Delicious pici!

Delicious pici!

Blink and another freezing cold month goes by! But I’m here now and ready to pass on some new, new, new — because you need something to keep it interesting as the last days of winter squeeze every last bit of our ability to cope out of us. Make it stop! A girl can only wear her parka so many days…

Kefir! It’s my obsession. A nutritionist told me that so many health issues are tied to the bacteria found in the gut, and that she recommended trying to incorporate some kefir, packed with probiotics, into your diet. It’s a good alternative to yogurt. I like to mix a cup of plain, nonfat kefir smoothie with a banana and 1 tablespoon of Quik chocolate powder with some ice in the blender to make a delicious breakfast drink. I also keep some cups of strawberry and coffee kefir in my mini-fridge at work, for an afternoon snack. I like that it doesn’t have anything artificial vs. those light yogurts that are packed with artificial sweeteners.

Pici! We were just in Tuscany, and my son fell in love with this pasta, which is essentially thicker spaghetti. They use a slow-drying method, which somehow leaves the pasta more flavorful than that brittle stuff I typically buy in the supermarket. I wasn’t sure if I could find it here but I did in the Italian store at Chelsea Market, toward the back. You cook it longer — 22 minutes — and it comes out al dente and tasty. It’s great with any type of sauce. (Eataly also seems to carry this.)

Truffle Honey! I was first turned on to this delicacy by my friend Liz, who served it with some sort of cheese and told me it was even better with bleu cheese. She was right! Then, in Italy, we got some and had it with pecorino. Even tastier! It’s kind of hard to find. I ordered it on Amazon and can’t say that I am loyal to any one brand. You just need a little, so while a small jar may be $15, it will last through a lot of noshing.

Malin & Goetz Detox Face Mask! I like that you only have to put this mask on for 5 minutes. (Who has 20 – 30 minutes to sit with a bunch of gook on your face?) And I like that as soon as you put it on, it starts bubbling. Even if it’s not really working, it feels like it’s doing something! And then when you wash it off, lo and behold, your skin does feel super clean, without getting dried out. It’s got oxygen in it, which seems to make all the difference.

Vitamin C for your Eyes! I got this vitamin C eye serum in a gift bag, and it is the bomb. The brand isn’t available to the public so I can’t recommend it, but look for an eye gel or cream with vitamin c. I like the gel for night time — creams tend to make my eyes too puffy in the morning. It seems to make my eye area firmer and I don’t wake up with any extra fluid around the eyes.

Oh, I have so much more, but I will leave it at that for now…enjoy!