Back in the Saddle

December 9, 2013

Break my day!

Break my day!

Hey blogosphere — I actually can’t believe how long it has been. Sorry about that. As they say, life happens…but I am back! Just in time for the holidays.

Having people over? Don’t want to put out your fancy glasses for fear of a smash, but environmentally opposed to going through 50 plastic cups in an evening? I love these Govino wine glasses. They’re cool looking, with a thumb print on the side for easy holding, They’re light and while they’re made for wine, any beverage works. At $14 for 4, you can stock up. I like to use them in our backyard — no need to worry if something slips onto the stone patio. A set or two with a nice bottle of wine makes a lovely holiday gift for a hostess. They’re great for picnics and yes, rowdy holiday parties. Bottoms up! (You can buy them here at MoMA.)

Neighborhood Joints

I had been wanting to try Calliope for a while — it was on a few end of year lists last year as being a great little neighborhood place, with delish french food. Being a west sider, it took me several months to make a plan over on the east side, but we did it, and it was worth it. The food is very good – the menu is abbreviated, but you can definitely find something enticing. I had the halibut, which was very tasty and a large portion — I actually couldn’t finish it. It’s always packed and it’s not a big place, so you need a res, and it can get loud. But people are having fun, enjoying life, and you can’t help but enjoy that!

This past Friday night my son had a sleepover and we decided to take our daughter out to dinner. We couldn’t think of where we wanted to go, and we didn’t dare ask her, because if it’s up to her, we end up wherever she can get a rice and bean burrito. At the last minute I threw out Francisco’s Centro Vasco, where I had been once with a friend before a movie. If you haven’t been, you must check it out. It’s old school Manhattan, and I mean that in the most loving way. The waiters dress up. They let you past a velvet rope to head to your table. They hand you a list of lobster sizes and prices and tie the bib around your neck. All dinners come with salad, green beans and potato (the chips are fresh and tasty, although I am partial to an old fashioned baked). If you ask for a glass of wine, there is no list. They’ll just tell you to get the merlot. Everyone goes for the lobster, but my husband had scallops that looked good, and my daughter had shrimp and yellow rice that she loved. (And there was enough left over for hers and my son’s lunch the next day.) Not much tops $25, which is pretty amazing for seafood and all of the sides included. I recommend the lobster broiled, btw.


Well, the first snow happened. I came home from staying at a hotel in NJ last night, took a nap and then decided to stay in the rest of the day. I got a lot done, and watched 4 episodes of The Mindy Project. (I want to really like that show, but it’s just not that good.) I love how a layer of snow blankets the noise of the city, especially on a Sunday. Tomorrow it’s back to the messy, noisy reality. Pack on the layers…it’s supposed to get even colder. I guess it is December!