Unsung Standbys

August 17, 2013

There is always so much hype about the latest and greatest restaurants, but last week I went out with my husband to a neighborhood spot that has been around forever, sat in the garden on a lovely night, and it really got me thinking that so many of these old timers don’t get their just due. We were at East of Eighth on 23rd Street, and while I can’t say that you’ll be bowled over by the food, it’s quite good and the prices are kept fairly reasonable (this is Manhattan, after all). The entrees top out at $25, and that’s for a steak dinner. There is a large bar if you’re looking for a spot to drink, but the real attraction here is the back garden. Our waiter was incredibly nice and the service is efficient without anyone feeling rushed. They also do a nice brunch on the weekends. It shows up on Groupon every once in a while, and that makes it a deal you can’t pass up. Great location if you are headed to the movies next door!

Alexis Bittar is on Revolve!

Alexis Bittar is on Revolve!


There are so many shopping sites it is hard to differentiate them, truly. Have you been to revolveclothing.com? They seem to have a lot of in demand brands and a nice selection. Plus, the differentiation point for me is free shipping and free returns, and they have it. (Note to Neiman Marcus: get on the bandwagon for free returns.) I may try it before September 13th, because until then you can get 25% off full price merchandise with the code PSWFALL25. You can only use it one time and there are a few restrictions, but you’re welcome!


I forgot to water my plants before we left my house for the week a couple of weeks ago and now I just cannot get them back to the glorious state they were in. Ugh! I lost too many blooms. I had been doing a combo of plain water twice a week and water with Miracle Gro (which really works!) every few weeks and they were doing so well and really made my front porch beautiful. I guess I will give them a shot of Miracle Gro today and see if they improve. Now they’re just green with a few fuschia blooms here and there. I guess it could be worse.

Headed to the beach today — i thought it was supposed to be nice all weekend but now they are saying rain tomorrow. Guess that means errands for me!


You’re My Obsession

August 6, 2013

Do you know how hard it is to find fast, healthy recipes that correspond to the food restrictions in this house? My husband doesn’t eat cheese or eggs. I don’t eat beef or pork and I try not eat too much pasta or rice. I am sick of my same old recipes! I’m into this bulgur wheat and peach recipe lately — I will have to share it soon…

Anyway…Tonight I’d rather talk about 2 new beauty products in my repertoire that I am loving. Loving!



The first is Hello Sailor! lipstick from Lipstick Queen by Poppy. First off, it’s blue. That in itself is cool. But it goes on kind of berry color — purplish/red. It’s sheer without being too sheer, and definitely gives you more color than a lip balm, yet it feels more like a balm than a gloss. Ya with me? I love it on it’s own, and one night I layered it with another pinkish color lippy I have, and it was even better. It’s definitely mixable with other colors to give them a little more pop. I think it’s supposed to make your teeth look whiter. Not sure about that, but in every other way I am down with it.

It’s a Barneys exclusive. And since their site has free shipping in the US, it’s a no brainer. You don’t even have to get up off the couch. $25.

Next on my list is something for the hair. I really like the look of my hair apres swim in the ocean. The sand and saltwater make it a bit wavy, relaxed and somehow sun-kissed. Apparently I am not

Does as promised!

Does as promised!

alone, because there are a rash of products that promise to make your hair look just like that. I decided to try Sachajuan Ocean Mist, and from the beautiful blue color to the bottle that looks like glass but isn’t to the most important thing: it works, well, this is another winner. I should say that my hair is pretty thick to begin with. But I think this would add some body to any thickness. I wash my hair, towel dry it and then spray a few spritzes all over before I head out the door. It dries fuller and with a bit more wave. Score! They carry this at Sephora, but they are out, so I ordered this from Barneys too. $28.

Finally, nails. I think i have mentioned that I am all about clear polish on my hands. I just cannot bear to look at obvious chips, and I can’t set aside time between manicures to take off the polish. So clear lets me ignore the inevitable glitches. So I was intrigued by Dior’s Nail Glow. It over promises a bit in that it says it will make your nails look like you have a french manicure with just one coat. It doesn’t. But it does make the pink of your nails pinker and the whites whiter, and somehow just one coat makes your nails look more well-kept than just plain old clear. Plus I’ve had it on for almost a week now and there are no visible chips. And I applied it myself! That is crazy. i would say if you like the look of clear on your nails, you’ll like this even better. I ordered it from Nordstrom online. Any beauty orders from there let you pick 3 free samples, and they have free shipping too. $24.

That should keep you occupied for a while…my work here is done!


The weather in NYC has been glorious. Yesterday was just about as perfect a beach day as they come, and we took advantage of it! Over 7 hours of sand and surf. Makes coming back to reality that much harder, but I was off today so that helped. Re-entry tomorrow. At least I have my new fav products to help me face the day! Ha ha.