Glimpse Into Fall

July 27, 2013

Who couldn't use a new hoodie from Quiksilver???

Who couldn’t use a new hoodie from Quiksilver???

Well I skipped dessert last night and did an extra workout this morning in the name of getting my fav cheese danish from the bakery this morning, which I have yet to have this summer, and wouldn’t you know it: sold out! There’s some sort of moral in that story but…strawberries and yogurt it is!

Let’s turn our attention now to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This is a yearly event and I like it because it offers real savings on things before the season, and it’s things you might actually want! If your kids need back to school sneakers, they’ve got some Nikes. I like these adidas kicks but my son wasn’t into them. For women, these Frye boots are pretty rad, and they’ve got a bunch of denim and other staples if you’re in need. I also like the beauty exclusives they do for the sale, like these brushes from MAC.

Definitely worth taking a look around the sire. And Nordstrom, bless their hearts, always have free shipping and free returns, whatever the amount you spend. If you”re buying shoes and aren’t sure of the fit, I recommend ordering 2 sizes and then shipping the one back that doesn’t fit. That way you don’t end up disappointed if what you want is sold out. Sale is til August 5th, and then prices head back up.

Leg Up

There are a few things that I just have a hard time spending a lot of coin on — black leggings are one of them. These from Old Navy work well — and they come in long and a cropped version. They hold their shape and their color, which is a lot more than I can say for some other brands. And at less than $13, well, enough said.


We are trying a new restaurant tonight — Ohana Grill. Heard it was good so we’ll see. Also I have yet to get there but people are raving about the fried chicken at Hybird, the fried chicken, dumplings and cupcake joint in Chelsea market from Stephen Starr and Questlove. Sounds like a must-try, no?

So glad the heat has broken, unfortunately as I look outside it is like the sun has gone away too! 😦 Happy weekend!!


Long time readers of this blog know that I am always on the lookout for affordable products that actually work. Because let’s face it, while you can buy a beauty cream for $250 that works, what’s fun about that? The sport is in finding something great that works for $20. And then you can spend your savings on a nice pair of shoes…

Anyway here are my recommendations for summer 2013:

cg_natureluxe_glossbalm_lipgloss_1CoverGirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm in Coral: Summer calls for sheer lip color and spf, and this deliver both. There are several colors, but this coral complements a light tan and feels summery in a lightweight, sheer way. It’s billed as a “gloss balm,” which is pretty accurate. It’s got spf 15 so it’s great for the beach or walking around the city in the sunshine. And it doesn’t have a cloying fragrance, which is the kiss of death for me with a lot of drugstore makeup. My only beef with it is that it doesn’t last too long, but I guess having to reapply more often ups the sun protection. For $6, a bargain. And if you can find one of CoverGirl’s coupons that are floating around different magazines, you can get it for even cheaper.

C. O. Bigelow Mentha Foot Tingling Foot Cream: I am constantly fighting dry heels, probably because I typically pay $24 for a manicure/pedicure and they don’t do the best job scrubbing away dead skin. And I am not very good about consistently slathering cream on at night, probably because by the time I hit the pillow I am out. But these last 2 weeks on vacation I have been putting this foot cream on pretty much every night, and I see huge improvement. Plus it really does tingle when you put it on. $14 at Bath and Body Works or Bigelow on 6th Avenue. (Bath and Body Works typically has some sort of sale going on. When I was there a month or so ago it was buy 2, get 1 free.)

L’Occitane Hand Cream: What I said about being neglectful with foot cream I repeat here about hand cream — typically I can’t be bothered. But the sun and sand takes its toll and so I have been putting this hand cream on every night, which has a lot of shea butter in it. I like it because it’s not too greasy or smelly, and it comes in a nice silver tube, perfect for your purse, gym bag, or night stand, which is where I keep mine. Apparently one is sold every three seconds around the world, so they must be on to something. $12 at L’Occitane stores or online.

300Nivea Lip Butter: Nivea is huge in Europe but I notice it is trying to make more inroads in the US. Their lip butter goes on smooth and not too slick, which makes it perfect to put under another lipstick that might be too matte, or wear it on its own. I swear by putting some on before I go to bed and when you wake up your lips aren’t parched and flaky. I go for the Vanilla and Macadamia Kiss flavor. $3.19 at

It’s Downton, Not Downtown

After hearing over and over about how much people LOVE Downton Abbey, I left for vacation with DVDs of all 3 seasons and finally started watching. (I am up to episode 5 in the third season so no spoilers please although I think some magazines already have ruined it…) Anyway, yes, the hype was justified, I must say. Season one is just about flawless. I’m finding season 3 a bit too maudlin but still very good. Maggie Smith’s character is brilliant — she really gets the best lines. She’s the Roger Sterling of Downton. Highly recommend, but be warned: you’ll be hooked and will truly binge watch!


Next week will be a tough reentry to real life as vacation, though hectic on some days, was a nice break. Hope you are enjoying the summer!

This Badgley Mischka gown from the Outnet is long and 100%!

This Badgley Mischka gown from the Outnet is long and 100% silk…bingo!

When the temps go over 90 and the humidity shoots up there it is hard to know what to wear at any time, let alone to a black tie wedding. Still, I was pretty shocked to see what people put on last weekend at the nuptials we attended, and I thought it was worth a post.

Just because it’s long doesn’t mean it’s fancy: I noticed a trend on the women in attendance: long, ankle or floor length dresses. On the surface, this seems like a nice direction for things to go — a gown can be beautiful. But these weren’t gowns, they were those maxi dresses that are perfect as a cover up for the beach or even a luau, but not a Saturday night black tie affair. Material matters. If it’s cotton and comes in some sort of stripey pattern, leave it on the hanger.

Black tie means black tie, boys: My husband wore his tuxedo and he was pissed at me because hardly anyone else was wearing one. I swore up and down that the invite said black tie, and even pulled the bride aside later in the evening so she could back up my story. Most of the men there opted for lighter suits, we assume because of the heat. But that’s not what was called for. For the record, the bride was not happy. “I was walking down the aisle and I’m like, ‘Really? This is what you wore to my wedding?'” Not cool. Take off your jacket if you’re hot.

Cork wedges are not for evening. Period.: Cork wedges are adorable, but nothing is faster at taking an outfit towards “picnic.” Ditto for flat casual sandals. I am not a heels fan but it really is the only thing that looks right for black tie. If you invest in one pair of mid-heel, black silk strappy shoes, they will take you everywhere.

Just about the only thing you have to lose by dressing appropriately is a large dry cleaning bill!

To The Office

To beat the heat on a commute, I like a dress. Any kind will do. I just do not like to wear pants when it’s really hot. If you’re in a more corporate environment, a sleeveless shift dress works, and carry a blazer that you can throw on once you reach your air-conditioned office. If you’re in a more casual setting, there are so many cute sundresses. Stash a cardigan (or two) in your bottom desk drawer if the air inside gets too icy. Just don’t forget to take it off if you go out for lunch!

Lighter Fare

I cannot eat anything heavy when the temperature soars. So I was pleasantly surprised when we went to the brunch the day after the wedding, and they had a deconstructed spinach salad. I am definitely serving this at the next lunch party I host. They had a large bowl of baby spinach, and then small bowls of everything one might want to put on top: bacon, red onion, chopped egg, sunflower seeds, blue cheese…really you can put out and on whatever makes you happy. Then they had a light buttermilk ranch and a balsamic vinaigrette that you could put on. It was easy and light and much appreciated. You can put some nice rolls on the side, a pitcher of iced tea or lemonade,  and what summer guest wouldn’t be psyched?


I am in the middle of a 2 week vacation and enjoying every minute. Last week was a little more hectic with guests, a bbq for my daughter’s birthday, and the aforementioned wedding which involved a lot of traffic. But this week my son and I are hanging out together and it is really nice. I am always busy but somehow it just feels like a different pace.

Hope  you all have time off to enjoy friends and family this summer!