Tasty and Friendly

January 26, 2013

logoI don’t know that I would call myself a Francophile but I do love a lot from the French. So when a new cooking school opened downtown, I thought I would try it and I invited my friend Suzanne to come along. Cook & Go Culinary Studio’s premise is simple: you sign up for a three course meal and you show up at your appointed time to prepare all 3 courses, all under the watchful eye of a real chef. The catch is that while you prepare everything there, they wrap it all up with explicit instructions for how to cook it at home. We did an Indian meal and there were about 18 students in our class. They give you a glass of wine while you cook (but of course — it’s French!) and are happy to refill. You can ask as many questions as you want to the chef but otherwise he leads everyone through, one step at a time.

The space is bright and airy and most importantly, very clean and new. The people working there were very nice. We made a seafood tikki masala with prawns and mussels, spicy curry meatballs with a side of coconut infused spinach and for dessert a pineapple-lime and mango chutney cake. Classes are about 90 minutes. We took a 7:30pm class, which meant we were too hungry at 9 to go home and cook so we made a pitstop at nearby Chelsea Market. I did cook everything the next evening and I can report that it was all tasty. The cooking instructions were easy to follow (one snafu was that things were underdone by their given cooking time but it could have been my oven). The best part was that the food was out of the ordinary of what I would usually cook, which is what you want in a one time cooking class, I think. Most menus are $39 – $49 and you can bring home an extra portion for $15 more. Worth grabbing a friend and giving it a go! (443 West 16th Street)

Beauty By Boots

300I love when I find a reasonably priced beauty product that actually works well so I don’t feel like I am compromising anything to save a few bucks. (I’m talking about you, cheap lipsticks!) Those of you who read this blog know I am also always on the lookout for organic and natural products, as the more studies that come out, the more disheartened I am about the all the crap I probably have absorbed over the years through my skin. Boots Botanics Organic Face Rosewater Toner feels high end all around, from its faint scent, all natural ingredients, gentleness on the face yet seriously strong ability to get off every last trace of makeup. Keep it in the medicine cabinet as a makeup remover or just a general pick me up for your skin. (About $9 at Target or Drugstore.com)


It snowed a bit last night and it’s just downright freezing, so we had to come up with an indoor activity today, so Dave & Buster’s it was. Now, we had about $60 in game cards already, and it still was expensive to go! That place is a freakin’ gold mine. They get you coming and going with not cheap mediocre food and then the games…and then the prizes are not exactly of premium quality!

Anyway, hope you’re staying warm!


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