New Year, New Ideas!

January 5, 2013

Happy New Year Family Favs readers!!! I can’t believe this is our 4th birthday here on the blog. And we’ve got lots of recommendations for you, so I hope you had a great holiday and you’re ready to get out there and try something new!

PAA_Ann_Hamilton_JamesEwing-4794Unless they extend it, you’ve only got til tomorrow to check out Ann Hamilton’s “Event of a Thread” at the Park Avenue Armory. Grab the kids and go. To try and explain, it’s a series of large wooden swings connected to huge billowy white sheets. So when you take your turn on the swings, it makes the fabric move in mesmerizing ways. Plus there’s some pigeons and people reading into microphones. Really. You can also lie under the sheets and create your own form of meditation. It’s definitely a happening (in a good way) and worth seeing before it goes away. Kids 10 and under are free; adults are $12 and I would say you need at least an hour to hang out and experience it. More info here.

Beauty’s Where You Find It

I like the idea of using the new year as a marker to get out of your beauty rut. I actually chopped a lot of my hair off because I felt like it had gotten so dry and damaged. Now my hair feels a lot healthier and manageable. I also went and had my makeup done over at the Nars store on Bleecker. I like Nars makeup, and the staff in there is incredibly nice and helpful. In addition to putting makeup on you, they really explain what they’re doing and how you can recreate it or modify it at home. I have brown eyes and the makeup artist really encouraged me to go with plum shades around the eye. I have to say I have been liking it. (A woman at Clinique once told me this too but I guess you need to be told something twice!) They make an eyeliner that comes with its own sharpener in the cap (semi-genius) and once it’s set, really stays throughout the day (or night). Only issue is that you’ve got to put it where you mean it! And though I’ve been obsessed with a nude lip for quite a while, I probably look half dead in the winter so she convinced me to try some color. Flair is a nice red that’s not too red or heavy. And she had the best advice, which is that whatever makeup you feel comfortable in, that’s what you should wear. So where someone may feel great with heavily made up eyes and severe blush, you may feel more comfortable in a more natural palette. And both are ok!


We took the time over the break to see 2 movies, which is a lot for us in a 10 day period. Django Unchained has a good script and great acting, especially from Christoph Waltz. There is a great scene with Don Johnson (yes, Don Johnson) and a bunch of hooded racists. But the violence (Quentin Tarantino’s calling card) was tough to take. My husband thought it was cartoony, but given what has happened in the world I don’t think i can write any of it off as cartoony….we also saw Silver Linings Playbook. This was a nice little movie — a respite in a world of action and event flicks. Jennifer Lawrence is excellent in the film; Bradley Cooper is fine. (My husband thought he was too weak an actor for the role.) Our takeaway? In a relationship, everyone always thinks the other person is more crazy than they are. And yet still there is love…


I keep writing 2012 on everything…because it is hard to believe that 2013 is upon us.

Due to the fact that our house at the beach is still damaged from Sandy, we had a staycation in the city. And it was fun! I think the key to a good staycation is to plan at least one thing for every day so that you don’t revert to your routine. We saw lots of friends and family, visited museums and tried new restaurants. All fun!

Hope yours was equally enjoyable!


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