The Roast Chicken? Yes, The Roast Chicken!

September 30, 2012

The NoMad Hotel

If you are a foodie — and these days, aren’t we all? — conventional wisdom goes something like this: NEVER order the roast chicken in a high end restaurant. It’s safe, boring and frankly something you should be making at home. I have a friend who actually apologizes to the waiter if he orders the chicken. Fur reals. So imagine my surprise when I started hearing about this new restaurant, NoMad, and everyone said: “You have to order the roast chicken!”

The restaurant itself is in the (relatively) new NoMad hotel, which is on an unfashionable but burgeoning strip of Broadway in the high 20s. The restaurant is run by the team from Eleven Madison Park, and since over there they got rid of the lower-priced $79 four course menu, meaning you can’t get out of there for less than $500 per duo, the NoMad may be the closest any of us get to tasting their fine culinary offerings.
So, as a belated birthday celebration my husband and I headed over, and he was slightly annoyed that I was insistent on ordering the roast chicken, because it’s for 2, so someone at your table has to also get it. We started with a tomato and nectarine salad, with almonds and ricotta salata that was a nice light beginning. Which was good because then the chicken came. They bring it out in its pan in all its roasted glory, with some beautiful herbs peeking out of its tail. Then they take it backstage and carve it. (My husband and I were very skeptical that it wasn’t the same beautiful bird they were bringing out to every table to show off. So we asked our server. He said it is a fresh bird every time, but he did admit that it may not be your exact bird. Scandalous! ha ha)

It comes out as a perfectly placed piece of the juiciest part of the chicken on your plate, with wheatberries and corn and 2 kinds of sauces that are just the tastiest. But the real thing that makes this a must-try is that underneath the skin of the chicken, they put foie gras and black truffles. Yes, that’s right, I said foie gras and truffles. That is the secret to this sublime dish. And in the middle of your table they will put a mixture of all of the dark meat from the chicken and corn and some other tastiness.

For dessert we had the milk and honey, which is essentially ice cream, caramel and all kinds of different flaky and crunchy things, and a coconut plate with some chocolate and other sweet treats. Both good. But really, the evening was all about the chicken. And how often can you say that?

It’s hard to get a res but if you go on the earlier or later side and make it at least a couple of weeks prior, you should get yourself a spot. It’s a cozy (albeit dark) room, and there aren’t too many tables, but the good news is you’ll feel comfortable when you get in.

Eat, Then Shop

After you’ve sated yourself at NoMad, check out Maison Kitsune, a French shop in the hotel with all kinds of precious things to look at, and maybe buy if you don’t get sticker shock. They carry a lot of Aesop, which is a beauty line I used to buy at Barneys but haven’t gotten in a while. At the Maison I picked up a large tube of their Geranium Leaf Body Scrub, which smells delicious in a natural, non-cloying way and used once a week keeps your skin soft. ($35)

You Gotta Laugh

Here’s a little something to give you a chuckle in the nasty campaign:

9 Things I Say to My Toddler that I wish I Could Say to Political Candidates


This weekend J. Crew will give you 25% off with the code STYLE25…and it’s Friends and Family over at which means 20% off just about everything, and better yet they will give you free shipping on everything til Monday. Just use the code FRIENDS12…and over at The Gap you can get 30% all regular-priced styles with the code GCSTYLE. You’re welcome.


A Favs shout out to Bill in Pennsylvania who recently subscribed to our  blog after making and enjoying last post’s baked oatmeal. Welcome!

The air is finally turning more fall-like, even though I keep dressing my kids like it’s still summer. It’s all fun and games til somebody gets sick. I’m having a girls’ weekend with my daughter this weekend and we had a good ‘ol time at Bloomingdale’s today and finished off the evening at The Smith on 3rd Avenue. Always a crowd pleaser — but definitely make a res. It was packed.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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