Could That Be Fall in the Air?

September 3, 2012

Alexander Wang Chelsea Boot

It’s amazing how quickly you can go from being in the thick of summer and all its joys, to having to get into the mindset of fall and all that it has to offer/obligate…so what am I looking forward to this fall?

Something hunter green: A ribbed turtleneck or maybe a funnel – neck coat…this is the color to give a shot of now! to your wardrobe. Runner up: Blood red.

A black leather motorcycle jacket: I have one from several years back but it seems too stiff and manly — this year’s crop are buttery and just plain cool.

A new bag: Hopefully my husband isn’t reading this (which is a joke because he has to read EVERY SINGLE POST, no??) but I’m crushing on so many new bags this fall — I especially like the mixed leather ones, like embossed croc with suede. Tracy Reese has a relaunched line of bags coming out, and Foley + Corinna has some nice ones too. Bring it!

Alexander Wang booties: I like things that are different and weird but not too far out there, if that makes sense. These leather booties from the Wang-ster fit the bill. Check out the cut out in the heel.

Dark Blue Nail Polish: Bright blue was right for the warm temps of summer, but come fall it’s time to darken it up a little bit, and only on the toes. Dark blue with a touch of grey does nicely. Try OPI or Essie.

As the season progresses, I am sure the list will be continued, but that should be enough to get us all started!!

Speaking of Nail Polish

I went and got a pedicure at a new place, and my fab technician scrubbed every piece of dead skin off my heels — amazing!! To keep them soft, she told me to put Aveeno foot cream on at night with socks and after a week they will be in supreme condition. I think I’ll try it!

And in other salon news, I recently realized that I was not leaving conditioner on my hair long enough in the shower. I was putting it on and then rinsing it out. But now I put it on, and do something else — like shave my legs or use bodywash — and then I rinse it out. And let me tell you, big difference! My hair is much softer and easier to get a comb through. So if you’ve been quickly washing it out, try this and see if it makes a difference…


Well, the party’s over. I have been at the beach for over 2 weeks and tomorrow it is time to get home and back to reality. I can’t believe the kids are starting school this week. I have one more day to get myself in the proper mindset! Homework, picking out outfits the night before, waking up early to get everyone out the door on time…

Goodbye summer…it was great while it lasted!


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