April 5, 2012

Don’t know if you heard all the brouhaha about Karl Lagerfeld calling the tremendously talented Adele “fat.” It’s absurd on so many levels because 1. she’s not fat, and 2. all of the talent, all of the success, and that’s what he chooses to say? Anyway, apparently to make up for his insensitive comment, he sent the singer 50 rare Chanel bags from their archives. But maybe he should have sent shoes, to repent for the big ‘ol foot he put in his mouth…

Today, our guest blogger Denielle weighs in on the timely topic of Easter candy…and so we say Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all!:

Today I was introduced to an exciting new Easter candy product extension: The Rainbow Pop from Peeps…personally I think they missed some great branding opportunities, such as “Chicks on a Stick” or “Peep Pop.”  Basically, it’s something that crafty moms have probably been making in their kitchens for years: it’s 4 different colored Peeps on a 12” lollipop stick, covered in a clear bag. And it retails for $2.75 each.  Brilliant!  For Peeps, that is.

There’s no doubt that the Easter Basket business has become a huge racket with new products hopping on the bunny trail every year!  The toy industry has set the pace for this trend (thank you, Crayola, Mattel, Hasbro, et all). I’m not sure when it veered away from the candy-giant marketing wars of my youth.  I’m pretty sure “Easter Barbie” did not exist when I was little, or if she did, Mattel wasn’t putting TV advertising dollars behind her!

Now you don’t have to travel far to find Easter toothpaste, pump hand soap, toothbrushes (ok, this is a good idea considering the candy), lip balm (Peeps flavor! Yes, it really exists) and even shampoo!  These were just a few of the items I saw on my weekly pilgrimage to Target and CVS!

As much as I appreciate the non-candy fillers in my children’s Easter Baskets, I still fondly recall the baskets of my childhood.  Staples included a solid chocolate bunny, or maybe a hollow one, a box of Peeps – back when yellow was the only color, a Cadbury Egg (I still don’t like those things!), maybe some Cadbury Mini Eggs (I LOVE those things) and jelly beans or m&m’s, lovingly filled in multi-color plastic eggs — not Hello Kitty shaped branded eggs, and not pastel colored m&m’s! All of this deliciousness sat serenely on a bed of green plastic hay.  I would look at it for days, not wanting to disturb the beautiful display.  The Easter Bunny has always had a real gift for presentation.

I’m not sure what the Easter Bunny has in mind for my children this year. I’m sure he’s tempted by pastel colored, sanitizing foam hand soap….  I’m pretty positive that Peeps will make it in, though I think we’re ok if the bunny forgoes the Rainbow Pops and hops it old school with a single box of yellow chicks.





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