Bling for Babes

March 21, 2012

Typically the stuff one gets in gift bags at events is pretty perfunctory — maybe a copy of a magazine, a few discount coupons, etc. Not that I’m knocking them, but it’s rare to get something in a gift bag that you’ve wanted to try or actually will use. Recently I received one of the most chock-full gift bags I have ever seen, and I’ll admit I was in a little bit of heaven, not least because it gives me a whole bunch of stuff for me to try out and review for all of you Family Favs readers!

One of the things in there were Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips, in leopard and zebra prints. Now, this is something I can honestly say I wouldn’t have thought to purchase. But as soon as I saw it, I knew my kids would love it. So this weekend I gave my son a couple of fingers on each hand in leopard, and my daughter wanted all of her fingers covered. They’re easy to apply (in fact with kids’ nails being so tiny, one of them covers at least 2 nails) and they lasted all weekend through rough and tumble kids play, Which was good because my daughter couldn’t wait to show her friends at school. With no drying time, there’s little down time when applying. And they come off with nail polish remover.

And you never know, with the right pattern, maybe you’ll want to use them too!

You can find them in a drugstore near you, and they run about $9. Pretty good for an afternoon of fun!

Another way to keep ’em occupied

A great way to keep kids occupied in a drugstore, Sephora, at the makeup counter or even Target? Testers. Kids love to try new lotions or perfumes, and as long as they’re not making a mess and there’s no allergy issues, let them! I feel like if a few drops of lotion mean you have a few minutes to actually examine the products on the shelf and take a moment to think about what you’re buying, it’s win-win for you, for the store, and for your kids’ sweet smelling hands.

Game Change

Did you see the movie on HBO? It was well done and worth watching — if only to be frightened at how grossly cynical our political system is. Julianne Moore is very good as Sarah Palin, and the script is based on the book written by 2 insiders who talked to just about everyone who was involved in the campaign. So I tend to think they got it pretty close to reality. (In fact I read an interview with Moore this morning who wouldn’t say things unless it was absolutely well sourced.) Beyond marveling at the fact that one of our major party’s VP nominees had no idea what the Fed was or that the Queen wasn’t the head of government in Great Britain, they had a Prime Minister, you sense that she herself was so far in over her head with a new baby, a son in Iraq and a pregnant teenage daughter, and then add onto it the fact that she really had no business being the nominee, well…it’s an interesting character study, if nothing else. And hopefully some sort of wake up call. Worth checking out!

What Would Snooki Do?

Here’s my latest piece for Nick Mom…because we all need some parenting advice from Snooki, no?

Read it here.


Every day is a little better with my knee. I just want to snap my fingers and make it all better but that’s not really possible. (But I sure do wish it was.) The amazing weather is making me want to get out there and just enjoy it. It’s hard to believe how mild the winter was here in NYC. They say that means allergies and bugs are going to be awful come spring and summer. I hope they’re wrong, whoever “they” are. It’s nice that it’s staying lighter, later. Last night I took the kids out for frozen yogurt, because that’s what you do when it’s such a nice night out and your husband is having a board meeting in your apartment.

Hope you’re having a great week!


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