Paper Is Still In

January 27, 2012

Moleskine at Work

This year marked an important milestone for me: I finally gave up my paper organizer, which I LOVED, and went all digital with my iphone calendar. Scary! For the most part it has been fine, but I must admit I miss being able to write things in with little notes to myself, refer back to see when my last haircut was…it just seemed somehow easier. But I am still adjusting.

I realized that there was a second part to my datebook which went beyond the calendar — it really was the organization of my life! I kept business cards from places I frequented in there (everything from my doctor to my eyebrow waxer), prescriptions I needed to fill, fortune cookie fortunes…you know, everything that kind of makes your life tick. So while I’ve become adept at making my shopping list on the “notes” section of the iphone, I still needed something to carry along day to day.

Moleskine! It has rekindled my love of little leather Moleskine notebooks. Do I like that Picasso, Hemingway and van Gogh used to use them? Sure! But for me it’s more about the size and durability. They’re perfect to throw in a purse, and come in thinner sizes so it’s not too much to cart around every day. You can write notes, tape in biz cards or photos. The leather cover holds up, the plastic band keeps your place, and I’m partial to lined paper — it’s all very functional. It used to only come in black but now they’ve got colors too. I go for the pocket size and it runs about $12, lasts all year.

Because while we may be in the Digital Age, paper still feels mighty good!

Single of the Week

It has been a while but our old pal Ken is back with his music recommendations:

Science can explain a lot of things – the boiling point of water, black hole thermodynamics, the advantages of a waffle pattern on sleepwear and why Tom Wopat would make a poor attorney. But it can’t explain what happens when you stop everything, turn down the lights and play this song. It may change your day.


My son lost another tooth this week and he is coming to terms with the fact that the Tooth Fairy is…me! He’s like, “I know it’s you mom.” I ask why, to try to throw him off. “Because you have money and have the same handwriting as the tooth fairy!” I guess the jig is up, but I will press on.

I saw Nick Jonas in the lobby at work this morning, with his big old entourage. Why are famous people all so shiny and short? It’s so funny.

Hope you’re all having a great week…the blessed weekend is almost here!


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