Warm and Snuggly

January 21, 2012

Flip-Side Quilt

Garnet Hill's Dream Quilt

I was just looking at a skin product online whose main active ingredient was Dragon’s Blood Complex…which really just proves that women will try anything if it promises to make them look younger. (P.S. I did not buy it!)

Well, the first real winter storm hit us in NYC. The kids were excited to wake up to snow covered rooftops. It was nice but COLD. The wind really whips up and goes through whatever layers you happen to be wearing. But I have to say that two pairs of socks really do keep your feet much warmer, no matter what kind of boot you have on.

And at night, another blanket certainly does the trick. Instead of a blanket or a duvet, I am liking the look of quilts lately. Not the older looking, woodsy/crafty ones (which some may find perfectly nice, just not my style) but some of the more modern ones, or even whimsical ones for kids. They add a layer of warmth without too much bulk. I really like Garnet Hill’s Dream Quilt, which has a more sophisticated look with its muted colors. Their Flip Quilt offers a different color on each side, so when your teen goes through their inevitable mood swings, they can flip their bed cover to warn you in the morning.

Garnet Hill is a great resource for bedding overall — I find their sheets to be good quality and the designs are modern and fresh. Their pajamas also hold up well. It can be a little pricey, but they do have sales. I find department stores have the same old, same old when it comes to bedding, but Garnet Hill still feels unique. (Garnethill.com)

No Reservations?

It’s almost upon us: Restaurant Week in NYC. They’ve extended it to a few weeks, January 16th to February 10th.With 3 courses priced at $24.07 for lunch and $35 for dinner, it’s a great way to try an expensive place. I made a reservation for dinner at Mesa Grill — it’s always a crowd pleaser and it’s nearby. But there are so many good ones. All of the participating restaurants do lunch but not all of them do dinner, so check before you make your reservation. You can see who’s in on the fun here. If you have an American Express card, they’re running a promotion if you eat at 3 participating restaurants, you get $20 back, making it all an even better deal. Enjoy!


My kids went to the Cornell/Columbia basketball game tonight with my husband and it is so nice to be able to rest. I have a cold which I would really like to go away so it’s nice to be home in our warm apartment after being out in the snow/freezing rain all day. Although nights like this are great to go out to dinner — people from the suburbs get freaked by the snow and you can get a table just about anywhere. We used to always head to Nobu on snowy nights.

Hope you’re all keeping warm!


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