Caviar, Anyone?

October 28, 2011

Fairly recently I was drawn back to eyeliner. I was a huge devotee in the seventh grade, somehow thinking that big black liner worked. And I stuck with it for a while. But somewhere along the line between college and entering the real world, I left the liner for special occasions only. And then it was all about lining the lower lash line.

A few years ago, a talented makeup artist at Bergdorf’s from Laura Mercier taught me to take powdered liner on a slanted brush and push it right into the lash line on the upper lid. If you do it correctly, it’s hardly perceptible to someone that you’re wearing makeup (which is good because I hate looking like I’m wearing a lot of makeup) and it really opens up the eye. Which is all the more helpful as you get, ahem, older. It draws the eye up.

So imagine my surprise a few weeks ago when I was down in Soho at Space NK (a good spot for finding new makeup — I trust their recommendations) and the rep from Laura Mercier said they had a new product that I had to try: Caviar Stick Eye Color. The only way to describe it is it’s eye liner, only better. It’s almost like a combination of a powder and a stick. it’s easy to apply, and you can still do the same push into the lash line to get the same effect. My only quibble with it is it’s a little thick, making a thin line a bit difficult.

I have brown eyes and she swore to me that I would love the plum color, and she was right. It’s somehow more fresh and bright. I like to put it on and then smudge it a bit with my finger — it really gives you the best smudged look ever, and to me the smudge is perfect. Too done up looks old lady! If you like a smoky eye, this stick’s for you.

It’s long lasting and at $24, I think worth the money. Available at better department stores, or Sephora.

Single of the Week

I feel like it has been a while…take it away, Ken:

The dexterous guitar noodling and jarring time changes of progressive rock are pushing outside of their inner circle of guitar store employees and haircut-averse retail workers. As governor of Utah, the clean-cut John Huntsman declared Dream Theater Day in his Mormon mecca. Rush is buddy-buddy with Jason Segel and Paul Rudd. And Hammers of Misfortune? Well, they’re not dueting with Tony Bennett anytime soon, but it’s very possible that their new album, 17th Street, is a concept album in tribute to West Elm, which is located near our apartment on 17th Street. (“Hell black skies. Bodies wrapped in cable. $199 for the Parsons End Table.”)

Here’s the title track. Suck it, Barry Manilow.

Click here to take a listen.


It has been a rough week, no? I am happy the weekend is just about here. I broke down and started wearing socks today, which means that the cold weather is really here.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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