Back to Cool

September 13, 2011

What is it about Back to School that fills the air with a certain anticipation and…dread?!?!? I don’t even go to school and yet you never stop getting that feeling right after Labor Day. (It certainly doesn’t help that 9/11 comes so soon after, which brings its own somber tone to the times.)

But here’s something to cheer you up: Missoni for Target, debuting September 13th! I have to say, it is one of their better collaborations (think: Liberty) and covers everything from clothing to housewares to lingerie to kids shoes to luggage, all in that unmistakable Missoni colorful way, which can’t help but brighten your world.

Back in the day, when the lira was weak and the dollar was very, very mighty, I used to buy myself a Missoni scarf in the Milan airport as a consolation prize for having to leave Italy. Ten years later they still look fantastic and are the perfect pick me up for a solid color coat. Think: accent. I’m not a fan of head to toe Missoni color, but as an accent to your clothes or your dishes (dessert plates? fabulous!) or for someone in the under 5 set, totally awesome.

I’ve seen pictures of the collection (you can check out some here) but last week for Fashion’s Night Out I tried to go over to the pop-up shop for a preview. The line was INSANE, but I did get a chance to peek into some bags of those who got in, and the quality of what I saw was good. (Now, let’s not get carried away. It’s not going to be full-on Missoni quality, complete with the $1,000 price tag. It’s Target.) I think it’s a good one, and if you’re smart you’ll check it out early before it all goes bye-bye. (

Coffee Bean Arrives

It’s true, Times Square has gotten a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I went the other night and I have to say I think it is a block or 2 too far downtown (note to corporations looking for Times Square locations: I think 40th Street is as low as we Times Square worker bees will go for a coffee fix. Lower than that feels like…Herald Square.) Anyway the iced blendeds are as tasty as ever, just pricier than ever (a regular size tops $5). Rumor has it they are scouting locations on the Upper West Side, so maybe by this time next year there will be one on every corner.


I didn’t turn the TV on once yesterday, to keep myself from re-living such an awful day. I have such vivid memories of that day, what a beautiful, blue sky there was, and how it all unraveled so quickly. I was on the phone with my friend from LA and looking out the window at the World Trade Center with smoke coming out of it, when I saw the second plane hit and a huge fire ball shoot out. From there it was about accounting for family and friends, wondering if we were going to have to evacuate, seeing army guys in fatigues with machine guns doing check points in my neighborhood, hearing fighter jets constantly circling over head and then looking out the window to see klieg lights on 7th Avenue, and a slew of empty stretchers, doctors and nurses waiting all night for survivors who never came.

My kids, who weren’t alive then, have started asking about it. It’s a fine line between being honest and not wanting to scare them about something so awful that happened in almost quite literally their backyard.

I purposely didn’t take photos when it was all happening, because I didn’t want to remember it too clearly. It was too painful. Ten years later, even without my own personal documentation, I still remember it remarkably clearly, and my hope is that none of us ever has to go through anything like it again.


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