Squash Up The Wazoo

August 16, 2011

One of the hazards associated with joining a CSA is that because you’re getting everything straight from the farm, in season, you tend to get a lot of the same things in a row. Leafy green upon leafy green, lots ‘o peppers, and pounds and pounds of squash. All fresh and delicious, but after your fifth serving in as many days, you start to crave a little variety. Lately we’ve been in a squash phase. And I kept making it the same way: sauteed with a little parmesan. And it’s delicious…the first few times. My husband was begging me to give some away, and swore he wouldn’t eat anymore. But then I devised the following salad, and even he had to admit: tasty! It’s really all about how you slice it.

So I pass it on to you — use it whether or not you’re in a squash rut…it’s that good!

Squash and Arugula Salad


4 medium-sized squash, yellow or zucchini

5 large handfuls arugula (or more if you’d like more greens)

1 lemon

Olive Oil (break out the good stuff)

Parmigiano Romano cheese (shaved) — 1/2 cup

pepper to taste

To Prepare:

Take a vegetable peeler and remove the outer skin from the squash. Discard. Cut squash in half length-wise and use the peeler to cut “ribbons” — thin, long pieces. Place in large bowl. Squeeze the juice out of the lemon and put in a separate small bowl. Pour the olive oil over the squash and add half the lemon juice. Toss to coat. Add the arugula to the bowl, along with the shaved parmigianno. Add the pepper on top along with the rest of the lemon juice. Toss all together — if you think it needs it, add a little more olive oil.

Serve right away…and enjoy!

Single of the Week

Yes, it’s only Monday…but let’s live a little. Take it away Ken:

They probably were never great dinner guests, nor would The Clash have been fun to hang out with on Yom Kippur. But they knew how to write a song with a sneer and a reoccurring relevance. Just take a look at this week’s twofer:

You know, I am not loving Entourage this last season. I feel like if it wasn’t the last season, I may give it up, but I’ll persevere for a few more episodes. Curb in NYC is reliably hilarious, no matter how annoying Larry gets.
No Favs this Thursday — I’ll be away. So see you next week!

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