Neighborhood Joint

July 19, 2011

Well, I had to give in today. I had been coughing and blowing my nose for a good 10 days and when I woke up yesterday with a swollen eye, I knew it was time to go see the doctor. (Nothing like being a houseguest with 18 people and having to show up to breakfast with sunglasses — indoors.)

Anyway I got my diagnosis and a prescription, and he did tell me something I didn’t know: in the first five days of something like this, there’s nothing you can do so don’t bother going to the doctor. At that point you don’t know what course it will take. But after five days if it hasn’t gone away, time to get to the office. So I guess I could have gone five days earlier. Let’s hope the meds kick in soon because I would really like to hear out of my right ear again…

My doctor is in midtown, and this might not be a newsflash for anyone, but midtown is insane. As in insanely crowded with tourists. Many of them foreign. And though I love that they are coming here to spend their euros, standing behind them in line at Argo Tea while they try and figure out the money is no fun. So to all you native and visiting New Yorkers, avoid midtown as much as possible.

MMMMMMac and Chicharron!

And if you come downtown, I have a restaurant recommendation for you. Coppelia is the kind of neighborhood spot every ‘hood needs. They’ve been working the kinks out on the menu and with the service, and I think I am ready to recommend it! (Even though one of the casualties on the menu was one of my favorites!) It’s a diner but with a decidedly cuban flair. They’ve got salads, empanadas, sandwiches, burgers and entrees along with sides of plaintains, rice and beans and yucca fries.

The prices are very reasonable and just about everything I’ve tried has been good: spinach salad with goat cheese and figs, grilled corn, arroz con pollo are all tasty. There’s no kids menu but my little ones make a meal out of the side rice and beans or empanadas. The mac and cheese with chicharron (pork fat) is particularly decadent and tasty. Most things are under $16.

If you’re a fan of Yerba Buena or Toloache, it’s the same chef (Julian Medina). It’s at 207 West 14th Street (at 7th Avenue) — give it a try the next time you’re in the ‘hood. And for dessert, you can always head a few doors down to Donut Pub, which put Dunkin’ Donuts out of business half a block away. Go non-chains!


Between the mess (and increasingly ugly) news with the Murdoch empire and the ineffective “negotiating” on the debt ceiling, it’s enough to make a girl watch E! (That’s when I know things are bad.)

At least there’s no heat wave…oh wait, there is! With more to come.

Crank up the AC and pour yourself a nice tall glass of iced tea!!!


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