July 15, 2011

Well the temperature has fallen (in fact as I write this I am downright chilly with the windows open!) but my cold is still with me, clogging up my ears. I can’t taste anything. Ugh! The worst.

There was a case of lice in my son’s camp home group this week. Now, lice was around when I was a child, and lice has been found in his classroom at school, and I have told my husband many times that if one of our children get lice, it will drive me over the edge. Nervous. Breakdown.

But I ran into a friend yesterday morning, who informed me her daughter had the dreaded hair infestation, and she survived by taking her to a place called Hair Fairies. (1026 6th Avenue in NYC, but they are in different cities across the country and ship their products anywhere.) She said it took 4 hours, but they de-loused her then and there. On their website it says they use all natural products.

Look, I am sure I will teeter on or perhaps over the edge if we have to deal with a lice infestation. (I start to itch just thinking about it.) But it is good to know that there’s somewhere you can go to set things straight. If you need it, and I pray you don’t, check out their site here.

It’s Here!

I am sure I have talked about my love of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and that whenever I go to Arizona or California I make sure I plan a visit there for an ice blended treat. (Think Frappuccino but BETTER!) I have wondered many times why they have not come east. Well, apparently in August they will open the first Coffee Bean in NYC at 39th and Broadway, with 2 more locations to follow soon after. Rock on!

Single of the Week

Here’s Ken:

YOU: Ken, I’ve got a question.
KEN: Shoot.
YOU: Man, you are totally ripped. How can a human being have abs like that?
KEN: Thank you. Although, since we’re at work, in a meeting with clients, I think I should put my shirt on.
YOU: Sure, if you must. I have another question.
KEN: Shoot.
YOU: I love the Single of the Week. But I can’t always wait a full week for the next song. What can I do?
KEN: Then let me give you Singles for the Next Decade or Two. NPR’s All Songs Considered has created a 24/7 stream of every song ever played in its 10-year history. Check it out here.


I’m very excited for my daughter’s Sleeping Beauty recital tomorrow. She has told me every night that I can’t forget my camera!

NYC is reeling from the events this week where an 8 year old boy got lost walking home from day camp in Brooklyn, only to be abducted, killed and dismembered. So, so utterly awful. Hug your loved ones a little tighter…



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