Just 3 Things: Beat The Heat

May 31, 2011

Just as I suspected, we went from cold and rainy to hot, hot, hot…where’s spring when you need it?? So many cute spring jackets, so little occasion to wear them. Thanks global warming!

Anyway, I’m still rockin’ the long weekend, but I wanted to pass on some ideas if you’re looking to beat the heat:

— Go see Bridesmaids. Really, it’s funny. And nothing makes me happier than a truly funny adult comedy on a scorcher of a summer afternoon. (Other past examples: Wedding Crashers, Hangover — the first one, not the sequel out now, which I heard is less enjoyable than an actual hangover…) Kirsten Wiig is good, Melissa McCarthy from Mike and Molly is hysterical, and Maya Rudolph still leaves me wondering why anyone puts her in anything. But even she can’t detract from a well-executed script. Not high art, just fun. Worth your time…and the ticket price. (I also have high hopes for Bad Teacher, from its preview. It comes out mid-June, so we’ll see. Cameron Diaz may actually be in something that isn’t awful.)

— Eliminate at least 2 things from your makeup routine. Seriously. It’s just going to slide off your face. I’m finding I like some concealer around the eye, a little liner on the top lid, close to the lash line, smudged a bit, and then some white shadow up by the eyebrow to life your eye. And that’s it. No full-on eyeshadow; no mascara to bleed down your face. Just fresh and easy.

— Take the bus. Yes, you could walk. And it might even be faster. But when it’s really boiling, those 2 crosstown blocks will feel that much cooler riding in air-conditioned comfort. That’s why God created the unlimited Metro card. You’ll arrived feeling fresh instead of sweaty. You may even get a seat so you can check your email.


Hope you all had a relaxing Memorial Day. A big shout out to each and every soldier past and present, who do what they do so we can all do what we do, without a second thought. Let freedom ring.


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