Breathe Free

May 20, 2011

It has been documented ad infinitum how awful this allergy season has been — and I can offer this newsflash firsthand, as I have been suffering. But my six year old son has really been zonked this year. Typically he gets itchy eyes, but this year he got that and so much more, including recurring nose bleeds. If you have ever had to wake up to find your child has had a nosebleed at night, you know it is like coming upon a mass murder scene: blood all over the sheets, pajamas, dried and smeared on their face and hands. Lovely.

Alleviating it is a tricky thing because the recommendation is not to spray anything medicated up the nose until the kids are much older. After four nosebleeds in three days, Austin’s doctor recommended Ayr No-Drip Saline Nasal Gel Sinus Spray, and it is seriously great.

It’s not medicated, so there aren’t any side effects to worry about. It has aloe in it, so it soothes the irritated area and actually makes it feel better. Austin was worried it would hurt, but upon the first spray he smiled and said, “Oooo, that feels good!” Unlike a saline rinse, it doesn’t drip out so the relief lasts longer. We’ve been doing a spray in each nostril every morning and night, and since we started it, no nose bleeds!

I recommend rinsing the tip after each application. And if more than one person in your house needs it, buy each person his or her own bottle and label them — because you’re going up the nose with it, it’s potentially an easy way to spread nasty germs.

It runs about $8. I bought some at Duane Reade as well as — in fact on right now it’s buy one, get the second at half off. Big thumbs up for this one!

Single of the Week

Here’s Ken. Whatever.:

In honor of Maria Shriver, I thought it’d be appropriate to post a song about a man doing a woman wrong in love. Enter Cults, and their tune “Abducted.” In defense of Arnold (oh boy, I’m gonna hear about this), I’m pretty sure that he told Maria about the birth of his love child 10 years ago. I just think it took her 10 years to understand what he was saying.


Oh, Arnold. Is it really that shocking? Just sad, really.

I went to a cooking class today as a team building exercise for work. We made some really great stuff, including homemade ravioli, ricotta gnocchi and molten chocolate cake. I will have to post the gnocchi recipe because it was ridiculously easy.

I am definitely ready for the weekend. Hopefully it won’t rain!!


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