Application Nirvana

May 17, 2011

As many of you may remember, I was struggling with a Motorola phone whose batteries would only hold a charge for a couple of hours before it needed to find a plug, since I was waiting and waiting for the iphone to come out on Verizon’s network. Well, it finally did, and within a few weeks I was in possession of a new iphone and an ipad 2 (the result of a very generous gift). So now I am on the hunt for good apps, free and low cost alike. So far I have Fruit Ninja (addictive game for the whole family), the NY Times (stay informed) and the Kodak Gallery app (to show pics of my kids). Today, guest blogger Liz weighs in with some of her favs, but if any of you out there have good ones to recommend, please email me or reply in the comments section. App you very much!!

We recently took a six hour driving trip with our kids to the Outback and had the DVD player stocked up and ready to go, but our kids could have cared less because we had a juiced up ipad and an HTC phone on hand.

Finally, I’ve ditched my old Nokia phone and switched to one with Android technology.  I have discovered application heaven and, yes, they are all free!!!

Here are a few applications that we are finding particularly cool right now:

Google Sky Maps This amazing program lets you look up at the nighttime sky and learn about the heavens.

Tiny Flashlight & LED – Yes, this is a flash light application that turns your phone into a flashlight using the flash on your camera – genius!

Epicurious – Hundreds of recipes at your fingertips.

Daily Chinese  – I am sure that they have every language available, but this one is fun.

Dolch Sight Words – There are many applications available and this is a great way to get your kindergartner to learn their sight words.

If you’ve got any favorites, please share!!!


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