All Natural Goes Mainstream

May 13, 2011

I’ve been noticing that more and more companies are starting to get the message that people don’t want to put stuff on their bodies that are full of petrochemicals, which is good news for all of us. Whereas “all natural” has pretty much consistently translated to “higher price tag,” the more companies that jump into the game, the better for consumers.

At Target recently I noticed Neutrogena is the latest to come out with a line, Neutrogena Naturals. They bill it as “no harsh chemical sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, dyes, phthalates.” I decided to try the facial cleanser and with the purchase, I got a free lip balm. I haven’t used the facial cleanser yet, but I have the lip balm in my gym bag and I use it just about every morning. It has a pleasing, light scent and it keeps my lips hydrated through my workout, which is all I really need. Products in the line seem to run from $2 to $8. Thumbs up to Neutrogena for coming up with an all natural formula that doesn’t break the bank.

Missing the Bullseye

Speaking of Target, I haven’t seen it in person but I was underwhelmed by Calypso’s line that debuted there earlier this month. (You can check it out, as I did, online here.) But I have high hopes that the recently announced Missoni collaboration could be good. It’s slated to have 400 items and hits stores September 13th, just before my birthday!! 🙂

Single of the Week

Before I get to Ken, I must give kudos where kudos are due to him for picking Duck Sauce’s “Barbra Streisand” weeks before it exploded into the mainstream, including Glee and commercials for Vitamin Water and Express. We bring it to you first, Favs fans…here’s this week’s — check it out before everyone else does!!

You heard it here first: Mayor Bloomberg is running for president in 2012. Here are his three main campaign promises:
1. A rat in every kitchen.
2. No hooker left behind.
3. Rock anthemy singles of the week like The Lonely Forest:


Well, yesterday George Michael announced a brand new 22 city European concert tour. I think I may need to go — he’ll be backed by a full orchestra and is playing some of the world’s best opera houses. Road trip!!

Allergies are SO bad this year — my poor son got socked with it this morning and had trouble breathing. I had to take him to the doctor and it seems to be under control.

Hope this week is treating you well…


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