Royal Scrutiny

April 29, 2011

I felt like I had to wait to post to comment on the biggest event of the year: the royal nuptials! I started out my day explaining over and over to my daughter about how these were real prince and princesses and Sleeping Beauty was fiction, and just when I thought she grasped the concept, she pointed to Kate and William riding to Buckhouse in the carriage and said, “so are they the main characters?” It is all a little unbelievable I guess.

So, to the dress! When I first turned it on this morning, she was sitting and I thought it looked pretty matronly. But once she stood, it grew on me, and she was clearly trying to channel Princess Grace. For Sarah Burton, who took over the Alexander McQueen mantel, to have done it seems at once “of course” and “really?” She is one of the hottest Brits designing at the moment, but there was none of her stunning avant garde on display, which in the end was probably a good thing for Middleton.

I liked that she chose a simple Cartier tiara (that was a joke)…I actually can’t believe people are taking her to task for wearing a tiara as a “commoner.” Give me a break — I wore a small tiara at my wedding. every bride wants a little sparkle and shine up top.

I think the Maid of Honor wearing white was a HUGE mistake. Weird choice. That dressed would have looked fantastic on her in any color, and I really do think it detracted from the bride. For those of you getting married, do not make this mistake. I also wasn’t bowled over by the flowers.

I remember sleeping over my friend Sue’s and waking up at 5 in the morning to watch Charles marry Diana. This time around I almost forgot it was on but I do enjoy the pageantry. Once my kids woke up they were into it — my son wanted to see them kiss before he left for school. I promised them I’d tape the highlights tonight. Unfortunately I haven’t watched in depth to see all the little moments I like — the few I did see were when Harry turned around to get a glimpse of her walking down the aisle, and he said to his brother, “Wait til you see her,” Elton John and Victoria Beckham singing the hymns from the pews, William holding her bouquet so she could exit the carriage using both hands…supposedly a lip reader said that he told her she looked beautiful, which is nice.

How could you watch and not think about Princess Diana, who for all of the craziness surrounding her seemed like a very dedicated and loving mother to both her boys. It’s definitely a shame that she couldn’t live to see her boys become men.

Let’s hope this one turns out better than the last Wedding of the Century…and to be fair, better than half of all marriages in general. Good luck suckahs!!

Katie gets the Hillary treatment

While everyone feels all warm and fuzzy with the wedding we all weren’t invited to, I have to sound off of what I see as supremely unfair treatment of another prominent female: Katie Couric. Why is it that a woman has to constantly prove herself as a serious journalist, and gets taken to task for doing things like Glee and People magazine, but Brian Williams, who I love, can host Saturday Night Live, get drunk with Hoda and Kathie Lee and guest on 30 Rock and no one bats an eye? Come on, it’s so blatantly sexist! In my eyes, anyone who can go from serious to lighter topics and be genuine about it should be applauded. And her takedown and exposure of Sarah Palin was as serious as it gets.

Single of the Week

Here’s Ken:
Britney Spears is the voice of a new generation. I’m sorry, new generation, but she’s it, whether you like it or not. Perhaps you’d like Jon Stewart, Dwayne Wade, Angela Merkel or Tobey Maguire to be your voice. But that ain’t how it works. People were nominated, people voted and Britney came out on top. And by a pretty wide margin, I’ve been told. So embrace her. Find solace in her. She’s light on things like national debt, healthcare, Libyan unrest and high cholesterol, but when it comes to sweaty, sexy dancing, she is the TRUTH. But don’t take it from me:


Oh, the weekend…how I love you so!

Have a great one — see you next week!


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