Believe the Hype

April 15, 2011

A day late and a dollar short, as they say, but that’s what happens when you’re trying to get it together to pack up your family to get to Paris!

I was in Space.NK.Apothecary last weekend, which if you haven’t been to is worth checking out. The idea is kind of like Family Favs but in store form — it’s a British import and the store carries all of the beauty products that founder Nicky Kinnaird likes. Things can get pricey but they do carry some hard to find stuff (like Vincent Longo) and the sales help is actually pretty helpful. (They have boutiques in Bloomingdales as well as free-standing stores.)

I was checking out an all natural line by Tata Harper that I had read about in Vogue and the NY Times, which kind of made me anti because I don’t like to believe the hype. She apparently mixes her potions and lotions in her barn in Vermont. Okay, whatever Tata. But I am always in search of great all natural products so I sniffed at the tester and the saleswoman was raving. I noticed there was a resurfacing mask that seemed sold out, so I inquired. “Oh, there’s a waitlist, but I have a few in the back if you want one.” Of course I would! Jumping the waitlist for something hard to get — irresistible. I think she liked me because I had my 3 year old daughter there.

So I bought the mask, and while I haven’t used it yet and can’t report on it, I have been using the body lotion sample she gave me. And it is GOOD. I always do a test on my rough patch elbows, and within a few days of applying, problem solved.

So I’ll report back on the mask, but me thinks that Tata Harper may live up to the hype. Good for her! (Check out Space.NK online here.)

Single of the Week

Here’s Ken:

This past weekend, I planned on devoting the entire Saturday to playing with the kids. Unfortunately, Austin was busy doing our taxes and Addison was busy with her latest hobby: curing ham. So I powered up our diesel generator and hopped onto the Internet. Amidst the memes, NY-centric culture, comedy, music and American Idol threads out there, I was able to find something that encapsulated all of that into one, sweet single of the week:

Click here to watch.


This was a crazy week, the highlight being when Jessica Seinfeld (yes, Jerry’s wife) pulled my name out in a raffle and I won a Stella McCartney handbag.

And it just gets better: As stated, we are headed off to France, so Family Favs will be eating a lot of croissants next week. Don’t miss us too much — we’ll be back soon with all kinds of Parisian recommendations, for your travels real and imagined.



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