Customer Satisfaction

April 12, 2011

I could go on and on about my unsatisfactory experience with Verizon last week, but I will spare you. Suffice it to say that it took five different 20 minute calls (gotta love those phone trees) to get them to figure out that the reason I had no dial tone on my home phone was a computer glitch on their end…after they told me to sit home until 6pm on Saturday. So it’s nice to report that some companies get it right. Here’s guest blogger Liz with her tale of customer satisfaction:

I don’t know what they are spiking in their employees’ drinks at Enterprise.  Not only do they usually have the best price on rental cars, but their customer service is also way over the top. This is stating it mildly.

When we arrived in Denver a few weeks ago from Australia, our surreal experience with Enterprise began. The woman who picked us up on the Enterprise bus, Veronica, insisted on hauling all of our luggage (5 giant bags) onto the bus and told us that it was much better than going to the gym. She was so friendly, that not only did we find out all about her kids (one of whom is trying out for the Olympics), but she also had all of the other passengers on the bus welcoming us to the States.

After arriving from Australia, which is not a service culture, this really made us feel good. Then, arriving at the rental car facility, we did not have to wait in a line. There is nothing worse after a long journey than having to wait in a long rental car line. Not only did we not have to wait in line, the rental car rep, a well polished young man in a suit who recently graduated from college, got us coffee, personally walked us out to the lot to choose a car, loaded the bags into our car and then gave us his card – just in case we ran into any problems during the week. It was almost comical and I’ve never experienced anything like it.

When we went to leave the car rental lot, the woman at the check out booth was almost certainly tripping. She greeted us with a huge smile and then made sure to point out in great detail on our map the best directions. As we pulled out of the check out booth and looked in the rear view mirror, she was still cackling and waving a huge good-bye with her arms in the air.

My husband and I both looked at each other like, “are we dreaming?” And, yes, this made us feel really good, again.

On the way back to Australia from Chicago, we violated my travel tip #1 (see my post “Pint Size Travel” – Top 10 Tips for Traveling with Kids from February 11th) – arrive at the airport an hour earlier than you normally would.

We left 30 minutes later than we planned for a variety of reasons, which led my husband to speed. The speeding resulted in getting pulled over by the police. Of course, this now made us very late. We called Enterprise and explained our situation to them. Instead of making us take our luggage out of the car and wait for a bus, as soon as we pulled up, one of those polished young men in a suit got into our car, drove us to our gate and helped us with our bags.

From start to finish, Enterprise delivered and delivered big. They’ve taken customer service to a whole new level.  Whatever Enterprise is doing, from recruiting the right people, to great training and, I would imagine, good incentives and benefits, is working.

And yes, we feel really, really good about Enterprise.


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