Penny Pincher

March 25, 2011

Another week, another celebrity freak out. This time it’s Chris Brown, over-reacting to some very innocuous questions from Robin Roberts about Rihanna. You can have three #1 hits off of your new album but you cannot hide from the restraining order! Crazy. He apparently hurled a chair through a window at Good Morning America. The best response I saw was from Jimmy Kimmel, who said, “Apparently, not a morning person.”

Guest blogger Bret is freaking out about another issue altogether: companies sticking it to loyal customers. I’m down with that:

One of my pet peeves is when new customers or subscribers of magazines, cable TV or other goods/services are offered a lower rate than existing customers.  Why should I be penalized for being a loyal customer?  Should the newbies get a better deal?  I understand the logic – companies offer a special introductory rate to attract new business and can’t afford to keep the price that low forever.  I don’t care.

When it’s time to renew a subscription or they raise the fee, I call customer service and ask for the lower rate.  If that doesn’t work, I ask for a supervisor.   If that doesn’t work, I threaten to drop them or ask for the “retention” department (which usually has special authority to offer deals to “at-risk” customers).  I know it’s petty and the amount of time I spend haggling is probably better spent a thousand other ways, but it’s the principle.  And guess what?  It usually works — except for People magazine, which apparently knows that I’m not that cool and doesn’t care if I unsubscribe.

Single of the Week

Here’s Ken being oh so Ken:

I am a Tiger Dad. I make Austin lift weights an hour each day, withhold food if he can’t recite the second act of Les Miserables and demand that he write daily posts in his pro-Palestinian blog. And Addison? I force her to dance to this:

Check it out!!


I really find the news extra depressing lately. I definitely recommend tuning it out after limited exposure. It can start to seep inside your brain.

I met an old friend for a drink tonight. I totally recommend it. He picked the 21 Club which I had never been to in all my years. The best part was that he knew just about everyone working there. It was easy and funny and warm, and he kept telling introducing me as his friend for 24 years. The hallmark of a true old friend is that when you get together, it’s like no time has intervened. So call or email an old friend right now! We all could use a little togetherness.


One Response to “Penny Pincher”

  1. Carol* Rachel Shore Says:

    I go right for the retention.

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