I Got the Music in Me

February 15, 2011

Bruno Mars works it out

I think Lady Gaga may have jumped the shark — or should I say egg — last night at the Grammys. It was all too Madonna…and by that I mean contrived. Express Yourself did it better…22 years ago! (Isn’t that scary? I just looked it up — it was released in 1989.)

Highlights were kind of few and far between. The show just felt long, even forwarding through the endless commercial breaks. I love me some Cee-Lo, and the Muppets and Gwyneth Paltrow kept it fun. Although Gwynnie needs to practice standing on a piano in her Louboutins. (Check out that performance here.) The Bruno Mars/B.o.B./Janelle Monae segment had a nice energy. And Mick Jagger is really, really famous! You know when famous people get excited to see the person there’s something special going on.

Anyway, if you missed all of the fun, Grammy.com has lots of pics for you.

Fashion Fun

The latest spring line from Prada is what fashion should be: fun! I love all the colors and stripes — Hailee Steinfeld, the young girl (and Oscar nominee) from True Grit, wore a dress from the line to the SAG awards, and she looked adorable and age-appropriate; not always easy to do on the red carpet. The line has been featured in dribs and drabs — Anna Wintour was spotted at a Knicks game in a banana skirt (which I didn’t love, but it’s Anna). Anyway, it’s now in stores. Check it out at Neiman Marcus. And don’t worry about the price — I’m sure knockoffs will be coming to stores near you any minute.


My husband sent me an article about where most Americans are searching to go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day, and it was just more proof of the abyss between me in NYC and those in middle America. Top restaurants for Valentine’s Day over the last few years? Olive Garden. Followed closely by Red Lobster, Applebee’s, Outback Steakhouse, Chili’s and Macaroni Grill. Cheesecake Factory makes an appearance in the teens.

It’s not even that I’m a chain snob (although I can be). We don’t even have most of these restaurants if I wanted to go there. For Valentine’s Day.


Well, the thermometer went over 50 degrees today and people were breaking out their bathing suits. But keep the parkas handy because tomorrow will be back near freezing…only to go above 60 on Friday. So everyone will get sick, just in time for vacation!! Ugh.

Did you all have a great Valentine’s Day? The best tip for Valentine’s Day is not to go out on Valentine’s Day — leave that to new lovers trying to impress one another. For the rest of us, pick another night nearby when the prices aren’t jacked up.

I gave my husband the best gift I could give for a working father with two little kids who heads to the gym every day at 5:40am: a nap!

Enjoy — big hugs and kisses to all!


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