Maybe BP Should Have Tried This

February 8, 2011

Leave Christina Aguilera alone! You can’t expect someone to be booked to sing the national anthem in front of the largest TV audience in the world and expect them to REMEMBER THE WORDS!!??!! Really, expectations are far too high these days…

Well, if those Groupon ads from the Superbowl left you feeling a little…unseemly…let’s talk today about getting your face clean. Really clean. In fact, I defy you to find anything that gets more dirt off of your face.

That said, I must add a caveat: this will dry your skin, particularly with over use. I like to think of it for emergency use only. But if you use it well, it’s a real find: Kiehl’s Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion.

Start small. Buy the 4.2 ounce size ($11 at Kiehl’s stores or finer department stores). When your face is feeling slick, take a white cotton pad, put some astringent on it, wipe your face and then marvel at all of the dirt on the cotton pad. Ewww! I know, you can’t imagine that you were leaving your face so dirty.

Now don’t get addicted! Like I said, it is drying. Make sure to moisturize afterward and you’ll be good to go. Whenever you feel a breakout coming on, do a swipe. As an added bonus, if you ever get a cut and need something to clean it out, this works!

So long but not goodbye

Mark Bittman is a frequent guest on the Today show and has written a recipe column in the New York Times for many years. He recently signed off to go to the editorial page where he is writing a column about food and food-related issues. For one of his final recipe columns, he picked his favorites from over the years. There are some good ones…check it out here.

What I’ve always liked about Bittman is that his recipes are actually doable, he seems to acknowledge that people have busy lives and fresh, home cooked meals need to fit into those lives, and he often showed himself cooking in his miniscule (i.e. real) NYC kitchen — his message being that if he could do it there, his readers could do it anywhere.

I’ll miss his recipes but I look forward to reading his column!


You know those times where you just feel blah? Today was one of those days for me. I’m about to cut it short and curl up in bed with the new New York magazine with a truly unflattering picture of Cathie Black. Why in the world she wanted the Schools Chancellor job instead of her cushy one at Hearst, most of us will never understand.

It’s only Monday, so here’s hoping tomorrow has a whole new spin. We’re headed to the Waverly for dinner with some friends so maybe we’ll see someone uber famous do something embarrassing…that would be fun!! 🙂


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