January 14, 2011

Every time I read about that little 9 year old girl who was killed in Arizona, I tear up. She seemed like quite a wonderful person, and I can only imagine what her family is going through. Heartbreaking.

I think after all that has happened, we could use a little escape from reality. A movie, perhaps. I recommend The King’s Speech. The plot isn’t twisty or profound, but it’s a great true story, and the acting is first rate. Colin Firth plays Bertie, a monarch with a speech impediment who, due to his father’s death and his brother’s surprise abdication (he wanted to marry Mrs. Wallis Simpson, a divorcee), becomes King George VI. (King George VI was Prince Charles’ maternal grandfather, the Queen Mum’s husband and Queen Elizabeth’s father, for those of you modern royal watchers.) With World War II on London’s doorstep, Bertie needs to find his voice to become a leader for his country. His wife finds Lionel Logue, played by Geoffrey Rush, a speech therapist who uses unorthodox methods to treat his patients. A rocky relationship becomes an unbreakable bond as Bertie steps up to the mic to deliver a radio address in 1939 to unite his country against the coming enemy.

Firth and Rush are at the top of their games, and the supporting cast works well too, except for the guy playing Winston Churchill, who becomes a bit of a caricature.

After you see the movie, continue your escape from reality and watch the Golden Globes on Sunday night, hosted by the very funny Ricky Gervais and featuring all your favorites from film and television, most of ’em liquored up from the free bar. The King’s Speech is nominated for many awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Firth) and Best Supporting Actor (Rush). Some think it’s a predictor of the Oscars, I just think it’s a silly good time where you can trash the dresses and spot the bad plastic surgery.

Single of the Week

Oh, Ken:

This Katy Perry song is the B-side to one of her latest singles. But how do you have a B-side, when there’s no A-side? Or any side at all for that matter? And if there are no sides, then there is no tangible product, so where did this song come from? And how did I hear about it? Do B-sides just appear in cyberspace like mushrooms on a forest floor – in clumps, unplanned for and with no fanfare? And what now? Where does this song go? On a CD? Mini-CD? Soundtrack of a movie starring Minnie Driver as a frustrated bridesmaid ready to find her voice in order to find her man? One place I can guess it’s going is oblivion, because the record company is pulling the song down from the web faster than a Giants fourth quarter collapse. But thank god for French bloggers.

Clickety Clackety Here.

Et vous?

Every once in a while a restaurant opens up and I become obsessed for a bit, and then I move on. Right now it’s Todd English’s Ca Va in the new Intercontinental Hotel on 44th Street. The decor is slick but not cold, especially with a large fireplace in the bar area. There’s a $26 three course prix fixe, with great choices and filling portions. People love his take on French onion soup, but I thought the gnocchi was better. The salmon with asparagus and chickpea cake is tasty, but the waiter also raved about the short ribs. And the dessert is ever-changing — one day it was profiteroles, another blueberry cheesecake. If you need a place in midtown pre or post theater, it’s a tasty option.

And speaking of prix fixe, restaurant week is a comin’ to NYC…January 24 – February 6. Check it out here.


I’ve had this Keri Hilson song stuck in my head for days.

I’m very excited for the three day weekend. We have a few activities and dinners planned, but mostly we just want to hang. Hope you have a good one!


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