I Do Not Resolve…

January 4, 2011

Here’s the thing about resolutions…no one ever keeps them. I know, you’ll tell me about someone who did — only to realize that in the end they didn’t. Which is why they are stupid, and I get annoyed with all of the posers who show up at the gym on January 2nd, crowding me out of my favorite treadmill, only to be gone by January 15th. So do us all a favor and skip it this year.

BUT, I do think these times are good times to check in with oneself, take stock and figure out what you may need for the year ahead. Call them goals if you must, but not resolutions. And they should be doable, so you can actually achieve them.

I’ll give you one example from my list: Eat More Fruit. It’s much easier for me in the summer when berries are plentiful, but in the winter I realized I can go a few days without any fruit entering my system. I eat a lot of vegetables, but the more variety the better, so I am making a conscious effort with clementines, apples, pears, grapefruit — even throwing a few blueberries into my oatmeal.

It’s doable, somewhat pleasurable and will make a difference in my world — the perfect way to start 2011. So get to it — and remember: no more than five goals. More than that and you’re setting yourself up for ultimate failure. Good luck!


I was going to put something in about the world potentially running out of bananas and thousands of birds falling out of the sky in Arkansas (thanks for bringing that to my attention Tori), but it’s a new year. Let’s go more positive with video of Tom Ford’s new women’s line fashion show. I like the way this is shot, and it gives you a sense of the intimacy of the presentation. I wouldn’t say the clothes break any new ground, there’s a little too much boob-age (which might be a plus for some of you) and the editors are a little too ga ga over him, but he does do nice work and I love how he gets some fab women to walk the runway. Check it out here.


I had a great celeb sighting today at lunch: Tracy Morgan. He’s hilarious. I believe he just had a kidney transplant, so it’s good to see him out and about. He looked good and was enjoying a nice lunch at Junior’s with a friend.

We’re back from a family trip to DC and so we missed the great blizzard to end ’10, thank goodness. I’ll be back this week with some recommendations for the Beltway area…hope you all had a lovely holiday and you’re ready for a fantastic 2011!


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