Enough is Enough

December 22, 2010

I am on the rampage against two things tonight: Ticketmaster, and crazy people trying to get a parking space at the mall.

First, Ticketmaster. I am so aghast at their greed that I will absolutely go out of my way to buy tickets at the venue, no matter how long the line, so I don’t have to pay their outrageous fees. And I suggest you all do the same. If it was a couple of dollars per ticket, that would be one thing. But for the last tickets I was going to buy online, for the circus and Disney on Ice (Princess Wishes — please shoot me), the fees were 50% of the ticket price. In the case of the circus I had no choice but to pay, but for the skating show I hoofed it up to the Garden.

I am not above paying for a service. But the service of buying an over-priced ticket online vs. in person (which, by the way, probably costs less because they are not employing a live person to deal with me) in no way justifies the price Ticketmaster charges. Monopoly, anyone?

Next on my list are the crazies at the mall. For some unknown reason I decided to drive to the Shops at Riverside today, 4 days before Christmas. And I don’t need anything. For those of you who haven’t been, there are parking spots close by, and then a larger parking structure in the back. I tried my luck at the closer spots, attempting to follow a few people back to their cars but always missing out. Then I tried another area and followed a man and woman back to their car. Where another car was waiting. She was just sitting there, waiting for someone to return to their car. Not following in any methodical way. Just waiting. And she had the nerve to lay claim to the spot, yelling things at me and generally moving her tank in an aggressive way. I so wanted to plow my car into hers. And then I really looked at her, in her SUV with a headset on, and I did the only thing a girl who just wanted to get her Santa Fe salad at the Cheesecake Factory would: I drove past, giving her the finger and screaming the f-bomb so she could clearly hear it. And then I drove around the back and got a spot just next to the door of the mall — so close that I could leave my parka in the car. Take that!

And that is why crazy people are so dangerous. They make everyone else crazy.


If you have procrastinated, you’re in luck, because there are sales galore. Barneys is doing more markdowns on Wednesday. The Gap will give you 30% off of your total purchase on December 22nd, and 25% off on December 23rd. J. Crew takes an extra 30% off anything on sale. If you pay with a Bloomingdale’s card you get an extra 15% off just about everything this week. Most stuff is crap, but if you find a gem you can get a good deal. At this rate, they’ll be paying us to take it all off their hands on 12/26.


Even though I am off this week I have been getting up and out early and I have been getting a lot done. And having fun, which is equally important, even on this part of my stay-cation. Tomorrow I am supposed to meet up with a friend in the afternoon but I am thinking a nap would be delicious.

Hope you’re having a good week!


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