Early Show

December 20, 2010

I finished up work on Friday and I am done until the new year, which hasn’t really sunk in yet but feels good nonetheless…I have lunches planned to catch up with some friends. I want to read a novel (deciding between The Corrections, Suite Francaise, Prep and White Teeth — all of which have been sitting on my shelf, taunting me) and make my own almond bark. I’m visiting a spa and seeing a movie. Ken is taking me out for our annual Starbucks date, getting a peppermint latte before they disappear for another year. Lots to anticipate!!

And because there’s a lot to anticipate, much as I’d like to sleep in, I am getting up and getting out. That is my recommendation for today. Usually we’re up early, but we kind of lollygag around the house for the better part of the weekend morning. And there’s a place for that. But this morning we got up, threw on some clothes and headed out to Murrays for bagels, before the rush. We had our pick of tables, didn’t feel rushed ordering…heaven! We were out of there before 9am and then headed to Trader Joe’s, where it was blessedly empty. Could actually browse and get to the register before everything melted. Got home and had plenty of time to grade finals, take a nap and go to the park before our friends came over for lunch and the Eagles/Giants game at 1pm (go Eagles!).

The day felt remarkably fruitful. Ken and I agreed: we’re going to try and work an early start into our weekend routine. He said we could just eat home and go out early, but I kind of think going out for a bagel is part of the incentive. And, as my daughter told us when we were enjoying our whole wheat sesames, “It’s fun to spend time with your family.”

Drink Up

We went to a fun party at our friends in Montclair Saturday night, and every year they have a specialty drink. This year it was a Santa’s Hat and all I know is it involved Malibu rum, coconut around the rim of the glass, it was red and went down real easy. I love the idea of having a signature drink for a party. People always want to try it and it lends a good vibe. Incorporate the theme and drink up!


My daughter was pretending she was running a restaurant in her room named the Cupcake Factory Hide and Seek Restaurant. Best name ever! Ha ha.

Hope you got all of your shopping done!


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