Brownie Points

December 14, 2010

Yes, made from scratch is usually best. I’ll go with that. But sometimes a mix is so easy, and the results so tasty, that you have to go with it. Such is the case with Ghirardelli’s Double Chocolate Brownie Mix. It’s a brownie, enhanced with their own premium chocolate chips, creating one tasty square. (They apparently make a Triple Chocolate mix as well, but me thinks there could be too much of a good thing.) You buy the mix, mix it with an egg, some water and some vegetable oil, put it into a pan, bake it and there you go: delicious brownies. Moist, chocolate-y goodness. Foolproof enough that kids of all ages can help make them.

I actually bought them on a whim — they looked good, Ghirardelli chocolate always tastes delicious, so it seemed worth a shot. Then I signed up to bring brownies to my daughter’s class, so we made them. And they did not disappoint! I would definitely buy them again. My only complaint is that they didn’t cut so cleanly, but maybe I should have let them cool more than I did.

At $4.50 per box and an hour start to finish completion time, this is a brownie we can all believe in.


Had a lovely lunch today at Aureole. I wasn’t so transfixed by the menu, but the fish I ordered was light and flaky, with the tastiest puree of turnips and spinach underneath.

Walking over there revealed the Charmin bathrooms that have opened for the season (everyone needs a clean bathroom!) and some sort of crazy Pop-Tart place, where you can customize a Pop-Tart. Just what my life was missing! Leave it to 42nd Street…


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