College Daze

December 7, 2010

Raise your hand if you hate when your husband invites his board meeting to come over to your apartment at the last minute and you are trapped in your bedroom. (I am raising my hand high…and loudly!!) So annoying. Let’s get straight to guest blogger Rebecca:

It was 4pm on a weekday.  Although I have two businesses that I’m running, there’s always time to stop for a little “O.” Yes, I mean “Oprah.”  I have to admit this last season is not half as good as other seasons, but I’ll take it anyway.

Earlier that morning I had been watching the Today show and there was a segment featuring Oprah’s friend, Gayle, who’s the creative director for O Magazine. It was a lead in to the “favorite things” episode.  This is where Oprah gives the audience her favorite things for free. Some of the favorites are questionable. But then again, it’s always fun when you get something for free.

I found myself hanging on every word of Gail’s description of Oprah’s likes and dislikes for the favorite thing show. It gives great insight to their friendship.  Anyway, this brings me to the next part of the segment. The next person that is interviewed is the magazine’s creative director. Wait a minute…isn’t that Adam Glassman, one of my college buddies? His bff was one of my bffs, so we all used to hang together.

It’s funny watching a big shot who you knew as a shy, awkward 17 year old, be, well let’s face it…exactly the same as you remember him.  That, I must say, is the perfect job for him.

Speaking of my days in college there are a couple of other famous people who came out of that low-key, somewhat unknown University in our nation’s capital.  Maybe I’ll mention them in future blogs.  One hint is the make-up line, Smashbox.   I am giving Adam the glam prize, being that he made it to the heights of Oprah.  Hats off to you!


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