The World is Flat

December 3, 2010

Unbelievably, it’s that time of year. And if you’re at all like me, in with all the gifts for everyone else (how is it possible that the list gets longer every year?!), you have to throw in a little something for yourself. Here’s something that won’t break the bank but will be a welcome (and comfy) addition to your wardrobe: the city flat from the Gap. They’re soft and flexible, come in 9 different colors, are easy to pack (they even come with their own little carrying bag) and look great with everything from jeans to tights and dresses. At $39.50, even if you only get a season out of them, you won’t feel so bad. They’re easy, in the best sense of the word.

And, to make it even easier, use this code December 3 – 5 with your Gap, Banana Republic or Old Navy card and you’ll save 30% at the Gap online, on the city flats and anything else you find: GAPCARD30. What are you waiting for??? Check ’em out here

Single of the Week

Here’s Ken:

Remember that invidious chest cold you had a couple of winters ago? Imagine that the phlegm from that illness got together with your ear wax and laid a beat for that spittle in the corner of your mouth to freestyle over. You’d get something surprisingly bad-ass that sounds like this addictive number from Bad Autopsy:


Oh weekend, wherefore art thou???? I just want some time to chill. Like, sit on the couch and watch TV chill. I so rarely get that treat!!

Happy Chanukah!


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