The Boat Mitzvah

December 2, 2010

Ciao! I’m back from Italy and trying to hold onto my pasta-induced bliss. We had a great time, but unfortunately our trip meant we had to miss guest blogger Bret’s son’s bar mitzvah. Luckily he’s here with a recap, and some handy tips and suggested vendors for anyone throwing an affair…

My son became a bar mitzvah this past weekend (turning 13 and becoming a man in the Jewish faith after reading from the Torah) and it was probably one of the most profoundly moving moments of my life.  It was awesome to see my little baby (ok, now that he’s 5’8” that’s not a fair description) get up in front of a few hundred people to speak Hebrew and give a speech about wrongful imprisonment and the role of faith.  And while the party is not supposed to be the focus, no bar mitzvah would be complete without a little celebration afterwards. So here’s a shout-out to some of the people who helped make the weekend a huge success.

I recommend using Paperless Post for the invites. We were able to save some trees, save some of the other kind of green and avoid some aggravation when we had to track rsvps.  Next, hats off to Central Synagogue where we had the religious service and a brunch afterwards. They did a fantastic job on the day of the event to make sure every detail at the venue was handled perfectly.  Next, we used Neuman’s catering for the brunch for adult friends and family.  They prepared the food, set up the room, served everything and made sure we all ate extremely well.  It was delicious and I’ve been eating leftover sturgeon for four days.

No bar mitzvah would be complete without the ancient tradition of the video montage.  Our friends and family had to endure about 8 minutes of photos of our son from birth to the present with sappy music playing in the background.  My wife and I used a web site to make our own video rather than hiring an expert.  It was a great collaborative trip down memory lane and I have to admit that I cried every time I watched the video.  The web site we used was easy, allowed us to throw in some cool effects and we were even able to make DVD copies for family members.  Check out

In the evening, we invited my son’s friends on the World Yacht, which sails out of  Pier 81 at 41st Street. There was something unique about being on the water, seeing the skyline and even going past the Statute of Liberty.  Not to mention that the food and drinks were excellent.

Last, but definitely not least, I need to talk about the entertainment.  We hired Total Entertainment to provide the MC, the DJ, some motivational dancers and some other activities for the kids.  MC Nebraska and his team kept the kids moving and knew how to work the crowd into a pre-pubescent frenzy.  Even my younger 10-year-old son who had to spend the weekend in his brother’s shadow had an amazing time (especially when MC Nebraska had him crowd surfing as the kids on the dance floor passed him around).  And even the big kids like me had a blast.  I’ve sung Paradise By The Dashboard Light many times before, but never with the men and women lined up facing each other in some kind of American Idol duel.  Let’s just say that I literally lost my voice.

We all had a blast and I recommend all of these vendors.  But I’m calling dibs on September 21, 2013 – that’s when we have to throw another one.


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