So Cool?

November 17, 2010

Have I mentioned how much I am dreading the teenage years? Guest blogger Rebecca is there. So there:

All the rage in town two weekends ago was not over Halloween, but over which high school party your kid was going to.  The choices were the “freshman only” or “senior only” parties.  A tough situation for sophmores and juniors.

This brings me to the two schools of thought on kids, parties and alcohol. Having a 10th grade daughter I unwillingly was propelled into the world of underage drinking as my daughter contemplated her weekend plans.  I asked myself, “Is the drinking age not 21 anymore?”   Let’s be real.  When I was 15 (and looked 10) my friends and I would go to the bars on Central Avenue, even though the drinking age was 18.  I can still do some high school math and that leaves me with three years of lying about my age.  Not today’s standard of six years.

One side of this dilemma is the parents who promote this behavior by hosting and chaperoning an open house party. The other is those parents who will not hear of any sort of party in their house.  Whatever happened to the days when your parents went away for the weekend and trusted that you wouldn’t have an open house party?  Today’s parents would never leave their kids alone on the weekend with the hope that there wouldn’t be a party.  Instead they host it themselves! But wait a minute; some of the parent hosts actually do it so that they can keep an eye on their kids.  If they are going to drink or “whatever,” they might as well not have to drive home…But it’s okay if other kids drive home?!  Some do it to be the COOL parent with the popular kids, which is altogether wrong.

I’m told that once the kids decide which party to attend, many typically show up already drunk (my husband says they call this “Pre-Game”).  Take the “freshman only” party this past weekend.  The host parents were apparently kicking out sophomores ( I guess because they thought keeping the party to freshmen would mean only young innocent kids would show up to have punch and cookies).  Were the sophomores going to be drinking more than the 70 freshmen she allowed to stay for the party?  Did the host parents not realize the freshmen were buying alcohol from two freshmen boys who were stationed in the woods, behind the house?  I assume the parents were not aware that a liquor store had set up operation in the woods, but parents really need to be aware of what could (and likely will) happen if they host a kid party.  At this point, the party is in full swing, everyone should be allowed to stay and drink!

There was also a “senior only” party where the host parents had to tend to a drunken kid, who got sick at their party.  Clearly this happens all the time since the parents of the drunk child could not be bothered to pick her up until they completed their Saturday night plans, so the kid just lay on the floor in the host’s house until someone finally came.  Are the host parents trying to make their kid a “cool kid???” Huh? What?  I know I am missing the link.  What link?  The link that these host parents made when they said to their child, sure honey we’ll host a weekend party for you, so you’ll be the most popular kid in school. Is it cool for your friends to pass out in your living room?  Are the parents not afraid of a run-in with the law?

Ok, I am afraid.  So there will be no parties at my house and my kids will have to be trusted.  When you run into me in two years, ask me how I’ve done.  Hopefully, I’ll still be afraid of a run-in with the law and vomit stains on my rug.

How was your Halloween?


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