San Francisco Treat

November 10, 2010

There is no shortage of good restaurants in San Francisco — here are three:

Bar Bambino: On a sketchy stretch in the Mission (okay maybe that’s redundant), Bar Bambino is a lovely packed oasis of deliciousness. It’s a small place and the dining room gets crowded and loud, but the back porch is enclosed and has heaters so you can sit out there in (relative) comfort. Make sure and try some of the nibbly bits and a cheese plate with a bottle of wine. The entrees are all a little odd but tasty — I went with the local cod. You really can’t go wrong. (2931 16th Street)

Slanted Door: Everyone I talked to said this was the place to go, and it didn’t disappoint. Set inside the Ferry Building (which is worth a stroll in itself), the decor is sleek and the menu offers all kinds of Asian goodness. The spring rolls were tasty, as was the cellophane noodles with crab. (I happened to meet the chef and she was very nice and considerate — she wouldn’t shake my hand because she had duck all over hers.) And order coffee — it was some of the best tasting joe I’ve ever sipped. Turned out it’s Four Barrel coffee, which you can find on Valencia in the Mission. (1 Ferry Building)

COI: My friend pronounced it “Coy,” I thought it was “C-O-I,” and it turns out we were both wrong. It’s tres French: “Cwah.” Duh. This menu is a locavore’s dream. It’s pretty pricey in the main dining room — $135 for a bunch of courses — but in the lounge, where we were, you can order a la carte and pick and choose what you’d like. I definitely recommend that. The room is just as nice and it’s a little more casual, which I like. The abalone was quite good, as was the charred broccoli. The goat cheese cake was light and tasty. Service is good — they’re really nice about calling a cab for you, too. (373 Broadway)

The last thing I will say about all of these restaurants is that their bathrooms are all very, very clean. That’s a high compliment, San Francisco!


Things are looking up — I wasn’t quite barfing up a lung today. Maybe half of one…progress is progress! I was in a meeting and somehow the scab on my leg came off and I started massively bleeding (“Um, do you have a tissue?”). Good times.

Hope you’re enjoying your week!


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